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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Find a college that will challenge you, that instills a bit of fear, because you don't want to be complacent. Life each day with adventure, and dare it to give you a dream to catch. The college you are looking for should be a place that you know you can grow in academically and maturity. The best college is always the one that you can see yourself adding to, just as much as you are getting from it.


I would pick a college that suits your personality. If you are a quiet person and dont like big crowds I would lean more towards smaller colleges and university that is more about becoming a family. If you like the social life I would lean more towards big state universitys. Choose whatever school has the best program for your major.


Make sure you and your child make choices together. Encourage your child to get involved and enjoy the college experiance. It is important to have community involvement.




I would encourage students to attend college immediately after high school. Waiting or taking time off is a waste of time. It's best to get started as soon as possible. I would encourage parents to talk about college with their children at young ages so the children understand the importance of college and feel that college is just part of a normal education. I would also encourage both to start a college fund at a young age. College is expensive and grants are not available to the middle-class. You have to be on welfare or be a teen-mom or single mom to get any kind of grants so it's important to start saving years in advance.


College is an experience for any person but you have to look at all aspects of it. Living arrangements, the transition of leaving home. GCU is a wonderful college that has given me the chance to further my life and have a better experience in my life.


Do your homework. Research the school to find out if it fits your needs. Don't forget to FASFA and do it early. On homework, do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Deadlines come fast. It never fails, complications come when their least expected. Early work ensures the likelyhood a question to the instructor will be answered timely. Finally, don't stress out.


Do your research know what you are getting into.


I am a working mother who is able to find time to complete my degree. If I can manage it then anyone can! Take that first step and you will see just how easy it really is!


To find the right school first determine the passion of the student. Next, what school' s program of study best fits his/her passion. Finally, does the student's personality match with the setting of the university. Some students are not comfortable with certain college settings. I believe in making good choices in these areas, the college experience will be a great one and an easy transition.


Finding the appropriate college can be a tumultuous path, but take your time read and ask lots of questions in the process. Please remember this is the institution you will call home for atleast the next 4 years.


I would tell them to make sure the school is affordable and if it has the degree program that you want to take.


It is important to know what you want out of a college and research those questions. Find out about class size, teacher involvement, on campus housing and meals, parking availability, tuition and other costs, will you be likely to get into the major or program of your interest. Take advantage of the resources that are available. Get to know the academic advisor, professors, other students. Be involved in ways that are interesting for you. And of course- Graduate!


Finding a college is hard. There are so many factors to consider such as, location, what is availible to the student, class ratio, friendliness by staff and students, and most of all; what does the college have to offer to ensure you are getting the education that you desire. Diffenently take your time and listen when you are touring a campus. Always have a list of questions to ask to make sure its the college for you. You can always schedule an appointment with an advisor if needed. Lastly, remember to breath. Searching for the right campus can be overwhelming at times.


Carefully study what school you want to attend. Take all things you expect into consideration,


The advice that I would give to parents/ student to finding the right college is to research the school,.Before you go off to college or attend a local college, make sure you can afford tuition, books, and other expenses. Make sure the college offers the degree and the major you are willing to take. Class sizes should meet your approval as well as living arrangements. No one should be stressed out about expenses or anything that does not pertain to academics. Also, make sure that you are willing to work hard at college. It is not a time to be free, it is a time to grow and develop as an young adult, and to be a very wise and independent adult. Your future can be bright and wonderful if you choose the right career path. So think hard, choose wisely, and your dreams will come true.


Each college and university is different. While they may offer similar programs, the learning styles are quite different. I would suggest that you choose a school that the potential student can be active (in other words, participate in sports and / or fraternities / sororities), as well as receive a good education. Many parents have a difficult time with this, but it's best to allow your student to attend school in a different city and state. I suggest this because the child then really learns to become independant faster, and cannot rely on family to bail them out of jams.


College is the time where you will find out who you are, what your made of, and how strong your beliefs our. Don't ever be afraid to explore all the options presented to you. For in the process you will find the school that will best be suited to your needs and those of your family.


I would tell students and parents to research local schools, and other schools that interest them. It's important to know what different schools are known for in their academic profile, and it all depends on the career students want to achieve. Once finding the right school, it would be beneficial for students to get involved with the freshman activities schools usually have for new students. It's a great way to find friends and peers that have the same interests you do in school. It is also helpful to go to those activities because it allows students to know where everything is located in the school. Lastly, it's very beneficial to get involved in the school activities-even if it's going to the school games or joining a club. Joining a club helps students interact more with others that share the same interests also. Clubs can be exciting, and they stand out in resumes. Researching and doing activities will help students and parents make the correct choice in what school would be the most beneficial for academic needs, and activities will make the most out of a college experience. It will allow many to make everlasting memories.


I would encourage both the students and the parents attend the campus and an applicable orientation meeting about the college/university. I would look into all aspects of the campus - availability and price of housing, environment, location, cost of tuition, etc. One thing I would recommend is sitting down with an academic advisor and discussing the options and career paths available to study at the university. Once a decision is made, I would encourage the student to be fully engaged in their schoolwork. They should stive for excellence in the classroom and strive to be involved in as many campus activities as possible in order to enjoy and get the most out of their college experience.


Research and visit. If you are playing a sport, research the coach more than anything.


My advice to students would be to continue your schooling until you achieve your degree. I stopped attending school for 17 years, and I regret it every day. I am now trying to keep up with students that are half my age. Do it now, you will never regret it! To parents, I would have to say that they need to encourage their children to acomplish a degree. My dad was right, I needed to keep going to school. I was stubborn and I wanted to start earning money. Without a degree to fall back on, I was frequently looked over for job opportunities. An education lasts forever!


Make sure that your goals are clear andd concise to you. Listen to what every college has to offer and speak with those that have attended and currently attend. Make sure that your goals meet with what they tell you.


Be sure you are willing to put the time in so you can maxmize success and the amount of money being spent.


Learn as much as you can. Always watch your surrounding. You can learn about things outside the class, and from others as well. Don't take the easy way out sometimes doing things you would normaly never do will teach you more about yourself then any thing else. Learn but still have fun, and never feel you have to hide a part of yourself.


I am a parent and a student so I will offer both types of advice. First of all , dont be scared. You can do it! College can be scary for parents when they think about safety, expence and there baby leaving home. Just pray a lot and talk to the colleges you are interested in. Go to the campus and contact the financial aide personell they are there to help you . Remember that you raised you child and they will do what you taught them. Especially when they are in trouble. Encourge them to talk to you, but remember that they are now becoming adults and they want to have some responsibility. To a student I would say, dont be afraid to ask for help. You have other students, your parents, financial advisors, academic advisors, teacher , counselors and clergy on your side. You are not expected to know everything, that is what school is all about , learning new things.Dont forget that your parents are your greates advocates. Trust them , let them help you . Call them and ask advice if you are not sure about something. Do your best , try not to worry and trust in God.


I chose a Christian college due to my deep faith, however after attending GCU, I recognize many aspects of the college that are not biblically sound. I would first and foremost advice a student to call academic advising and ask the same question to at least 5 different advisors and see if you get a lot of different answers. Nothing is more frustrating then to find out that you were advised the wrong information and you are the one that has to pay the price! Second, I would advise to look up the grant and scholarships that the school offers as to help pay for the burden of college costs. It is important for us to try to get supplemental tuition cost assistance to help elivate the cost of financial aid after graduation.

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