Grand Canyon University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


So far that I am aware of is the Psi Chi Honor Society and the Psychology Club, which are quite decent.


The most popular student activity is by the far the basketball games. It is an AMAZING experience! They are SO much fun! The basketball games give the new students a feel of what Grand Canyon University is really like: fun, outgoing, daring, and overall, amazing! I would highly recommend the basketball games for every student!


Family activities


I went to a GCU tour and they had all kinds of events happening. There was a baseball game, a comedy show, a casino night. There's just so many things to do so there's never a dull moment on campus.


The most popular student activities were the quire, since it is a Christian university. The sports team such as the soccer, basketball, track, and volleyball teams are a huge representation of G.C.U.


I was not exposed to these activities because I was an online student. However, I was often told by my peers that they were very interesting and challenging.


Due to the fact that I attend school in an Online environment this does not apply. I spend the majority of my time completing 2 discussions, 6 responses, and usually 1 assignment per week.