Grand Canyon University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How committed they are to having their students succeed. They offer a multitude of resources to ensure you do not struggle. Professors are always available as are the advisors. They make sure they answer all your questions and help as best they can.


While my school is pretty amazing, I think the coolest thing about it is its school spirit! Everyone loves the school! From basketball to soccer to rugby, the stands are always packed. Not only are the kids super spirited, but they are also some of the kindest people I have ever met! People are super nice, social, and always willing to help anyone in need. Whether it be by holding the door for someone or showing someone where they need to go, the people at Grand Canyon University are the sweetest and most spirited people you will ever meet!


I am currently enrolled at Grand Canyon Univeristy, I have not yet started my first class. What first drew me into this school was the commercial they have on tv. Right from the beginning from seeing the commerical I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about this college. I have bragged to my friends about the ease of getting registered with this college and how friendly, professional, and helpful my admissions counselor and financial advisor has been. If any of my friends are thinking of going back to college, I would highly recommend looking into attending Grand Canyon University!


My advisory team and the librarians. My advisors keep me focused and invest their time and effort on mye personally. The librarians have helped me a numebr of times to find the one reference I absolutely need and cannot find, and always have answers for me in moments. Between them It's like having a full team of experts assisting me with keeping my studies on track and on topic. All this in addition to the professors and tutors who help with any challenges I have in the classroom.


The environment of the school was very inviting and welcoming. Students participated in much of the school activities and it was awesome to be apart of that friendly environment. Professors were sincerely genuine of our success in each of the classes I had. They made sure each student was aware of their availibility and continuously reminded us of the review sessions for an exam. Being surrounded by instructors who were willing to make time to help advance our education was of great importance to me.


Grand Canyon has been very willing to work with me when it comes to my class load and the fact that I have to attend on line since I am out of state and therefore not able to attend on campus. Even the on line instructors have been very good about keeping in touch with me.


GCU offers a great online program for prospective students who want to earn their degree but do not have a flexible schedule. The online degree program gives its students the resources they need to become a more confident independent learner . The available resources to a GCU student include: The Student Success Center, Writing Center, and GCU eLibrary. The Student Success Center is the most valuable resources for a online student to succeed; it contains writing templates, the writing styles guidelines, and other helpful academic information. Taking advantage of all these resources is essential to a student’s success.


I'm in an online program so I brag about being able to do homework or exams when ever I like to, right from my house. Also, The classes are all accelerated so they go by very quickly which keeps things interesting and new.


We have the most school spirit. When you come to our basketball games you will understand. Everyone is so into the game, its just overall a lot of fun.


I love the teachers and the environment is very conducive to a positive educational journey.


When I tell my friends about my school, I definitely brag about the fact that I have smaller classes than many of my friends in larger universities with packed lecture halls. I also brag about the fact that we have an underground bowling alley and that our anatomy and physiology classes get cadavers where other schools don't because of size constraints.


My school is just simply remarkable! Not only it is good academically, but it is also a Christian school. It has not only allowed me grow academically, but strengthened my Christian faith more. GCU has ultimately guided me in the right path of life with the spirit of God along my side. The faculty and students emphasize the Christian faith into everything they do and that is what i love about GCU. Everyone is just so nice and friendly, and no matter what happens, you know that someone will always be there for you.


Grand Canyon University has excellent councelors who really know how to answer questions and do their best to help you in every way possible. I love being here! The teachers know who I am , I feel safe, and I know that I am gaining a qualiy education.


Everyone at my school is so nice. I feel like I am in a different world when I and there. Everyone smiles at everyone, holds the door for everyone, says hi and includes everyone. When I leave campus I feel like I am entering into a more harsh and cruel world! I love it at GCU!


What I brag about most when I share my school (GCU) with others is this, their unconditional concern to help us get to graduation day. Although I am looking at a possible two more years (not including this year), I can honestly say from the first day I spoke to my academic counselor (Mrs. Loriann) I felt like I was going to make it to the end. I felt like this because in the very beginning she (along with the other on-line supportive staff) made it the personal business to contact me and make sure they helped me.


The staff, academic counselors, and enrollment counselors are wonderful communicators and helpful in all questions I have regarding attending GCU.


I brag about being in small class sizes as well as being able to have teachers that care about the students.


It would have to be how much I feel like I am being challenged there. I'm the kind of person who needs to be acedemically challenged and I love that this school does just that without making me feel like I'm drowning. I also love how close the campus is, between the placment of the buildings and the closness of the individuals there. It's the perfect place for me.


How everyone is extremely helpful. GCU is built to where no one should fail. The classes are perfect for anyones schedule and the teachers and staff make sure no one gets lost.


Student oriented, lots of spirit, great education benefits, tons of opportunities for work, atheltics, friendships and other extra curricular activities, great professors, great students, feeling of being safe on campus, feels like one big family.


The teachers anc academic counselors, advisors help with their students to achieve their goals set. Student Service, in short.


How helpful the faculty and staff are! If you know what you want to do, they will do everything in their power to get you there. If you have any questions, they will make sure they are answered and you are satisfied with the answer. The faculty and staff are what make this university a superior one.


Grand Canyon is a small school with a very close knit community. There is always something to do on campus.


I tell my friends that Grand Canyon University is an awesome school because it is Christian based. It is a small community almost. The teachers are great and the students are awesome too. I love the small calss room sizes. My teacher actually get to know me and my name! I love it there!


I am very proud to be part of a Christian School. A school that is dedicated to exposing students and potential students to thier spirituality, regardless of race or religious affiliation. The courses make you a well rounded, tolerant and giving person. One cannot be a student of GCU and not have to constantly self-reflect and think critically about current matters. To me GCU is not an impersonal school, I am treated as an individual and my advisors are really there for me. GCU is not just any university. It is a community.


Although it is a Christian school it allows students of all religious backgrounds without trying to force them to believe a certain way or participate in certain things. It is a laid back professional enviroment.


I tell my friends that I love the fact that I can take my classes online and still work a full time job. I like the way the online class is set up and how nice and helpful the instructors are. The counselors are great at helping you get registered and help to make sure that you get everything completed to be registered. They even call and check how you are doing once in a while. They are very personable at GCU.


It is a private school


I brag about the schedule--timing of start and end dates for semesters is perfect.


I live in Salt Lake but feel as much as part of the school as those who live near campas. It is an amazing school with friendly and helpful staff.




The amount of courses available and the quality of the instructors.


The desire that companies have to hire GCU nursing student grads and the 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} pass rate of the NCLEX after first try.