Grand Canyon University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The people you hang out with in the beginning of your freshman year may not be the people you end up being friends with. Im stuck dealing with trying to find new friends since I realized the ones i had at the beginning weren't so great. Just realize you won't find your forever friends right away. They'll come with time.


The people you hang out with in the beginning of your freshman year may not be the people you end up being friends with. Im stuck dealing with trying to find new friends since I realized the ones i had at the beginning weren't so great. Just realize you won't find your forever friends right away. They'll come with time.


The worst thing about my school us that I am not challenged enough by the instructors. I would prefer more instruction by video or lecture online since the classes seem to be limited to reading and writing.


The off-campus neighborhood .


Working with the financial advisors. I have had a few moments when they have guided me in the wrong direction and all of a sudden I owe them more money. Not only do I owe more money, but I am not able to continue on until it is paid. Thankfully I had the finances to cover their mistake. They said they audited their books for the year and found a mistake and I was not charged enough.


I have not heard anything bad about this school, in all honesty, it is hard to say something bad when I go online.


Grand Canyon University overall is a great college and hard to find anything wrong with it. Personally the worst thing about GCU is that it is not close to home.


The worst thing about the school was the group work. Group work at any level is always frustrating, however I was amazed at what people were turning in and the corrections that had to be made. I was also not happy that I purchased a cap and gown and did not get to go to my own graduation due to my misunderstanding the due date for ticket purchasing. It was very confusing and frustrating.


The worst thing about my school right now is all the construction they are doing. GCU is expanding a lot so right now there is absolutley no parking spots but they have already began making more parking garages for the students.


The worst part about my school is that I am having to take it online. I have always dreamed about going to a four year school on campus, but with my husband being in the Navy, that dream was impratical.


I consider the worst thing about Grand Canyon University is their lack of compassion for students like me who need financial assistance to finish school.


The school has come up with a new curriculum for the nursing program. It is a great program, however it is not a complete program and there are many holes and miscommunication. When presenting the school with the issues, they dicided to ignore our requests and tell us we were wrong for bringing it up.


They have a huge lack of developing practical skills in their undergraduate science students. The students do not have the ability to do research, think outside the box, and do internships. The school has literally no conenctions with the community around them.


The worst thing about my school is probably that everyone leaves campus on the weekends. The rules here are very strict, including ones like boys cant be in bedrooms and if they are in the living room the door has to be open at 90 degrees. This causes a lot of people to leave on the weekends where they have more freedom but that means people like me that live on campus and are from our of state dont have anything to do on the weekends.


The only downfall I have found thus far is that the online program uses primarily online books, or e-books. I personally prefer to have a physical textbook in my hands to read and learn from. I do realize that some students do prefer literally everything online, including their text. However, I wish we had the option to choose to buy books as opposed to downloading the e-books. So far, this is the only thing I have found with Grand Canyon University that I am not so fond of .


Be careful which food places you eat from and who you room with.


Honestly, I have not seen anything bad about my school yet. Since I have only been there for a couple months, I am still trying to adjust to the college transition and Grand Canyon University (GCU) has certainly helped me with that. One thing that is probably just not that good would be its location. Since it is in the downtown Phoenix area, the neighborhood is very populated, and there are too many cars and traffic around the area. Sometimes, I have heard from those who lived in the dorms that cops would usually be circling around the school.


What is the worst? Having bad cafeteria food? Not being accepted in the social crowd of your choice? Quantum connection, people chose to make the worst depending on the path they decide to proceed with. Everything can be anything can be whatever it is you imagine and create it to be. To answer this question it puts the subliminal thought in ones head, "Keyword" (worst) and then in a human brain one linger's into thinking only the bad or the pessimistic route. The worst thing about my school is the best things that could possibly turn into the worst.


The worst thing about our school is that they hire teachers that can barely speak English. It made it very hard to complete tasks and get good grades on assignments when you couldn't understand what the teacher was asking for. This was a big part of why my GPA dropped a lot the second semester of my freshmen year.


This university is a really good one. But the biggest downfall is that this university is very expensive, because this is a private, Christian university. It also can be difficult to get in touch with counslers and advisors.


The worst thing that i have encountered with gcu is the finanical aid does not cover much of your classes at all. My finanical aid counselor did not inform me totally of cost per class and so now i am out 5,545 dollars . 2,775 of my financial aid covered some then i got credit for tranfer 28 credit with 3.0 average which is better then most students. I still am trying to figure out how i am going to cover the hole and be able to raise my 5 kids because money is very tight.


Everything is great at my school. They have people to call if you have questions, financial advisors to help you with your FAFSA, and academic advisors to help you with planning your classes. I have nothing bad to say about my school.


How you never know what is going on and that everything is online.


Doing group projects can be difficult due to the people who you are paired with. I liked being the project manager, as it gave me more control over my work. There is a lot of independent study when you work toward a degree online, but if you work hard, you can do it!


Sometimes profesors lack support and are unhelpful at time.s


Probably just the fact that you get a new academic or finance counsler every new year or more and it makes things kind of hard to keep track of.


Perhaps the worst thing about this school is sometimes the course work is extremely demanding. For someone like me with a family and other things going on in their lives it can be somewhat stressful.


I have not yet attended the University, so I have nothing negative to say about it so far.


The worst thing about the school is that I can't see anyone face to face. Sometimes there are situations that you would rather go and deal with personally and it is just not possible, being an online student. Sure I could hop on a plane and go to the campus, but that would be expensive. The phone calls do help break down this feeling though. My enrollment counselor does handle everything personally, so I know that if I have a problem/question all I have to do is ask and Andrew will take care of it.


I believe that the tuition was a little high.


It's fairly expensive. I need to stay away from loans. I'm hoping I get enough scolorships or I may have to settle for a lower ranked school and an "online degree".


There is nothing that I see wrong with my school.


This is my first year for attending this university. I attended Tulsa Community College for my 1st two years. I am now going back to school to complete my BS degree. So far, I have really been impressed with the counselors I have dealt with. They all seem more than willing to help me succeed in getting my degree.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that because I attend online it seems as if the academic advisor and my finacial aid advisor are not on the same page.


The worst thing is walking to each class.


I am on my 3rd academic counselor, every time a change is made, I am not made aware. There have been a few times where I had to call and email several times before I received a call back to notify me of the change.


The worst thing about GCU is the classes that they have to offer as electives sound so intersting that it is hard to choose them and no go over the amount of electives that one needs. The credits are expensive, but to me it will be worth it when I graduate.


The fact that I have to take just the online courses I would consider the worst thing. It is great that I am able to take these courses offered by GCU but the one thing I miss about college is the people. I am a very outgoing person and love to talk to people and talking to them, so to speak, in an online course is not the same. I would love to be able to attend GCU in person but that is not possible so this opportunity is a great thing but also bad since I love to talk.


I didn't get as much scholarship money or financial aid from the University of Delaware which is why I had to transfer to Grand Canyon University.


Too many people to talk to ...admissions counselor, finance counselor, and academic counselor. It would be easier if one person handled all of my college courses and finances.


I really don't have any negative feed back about the school. As a student I hope to gain the knowledge necessary to complete the 4 yrs of training in psychology. I believe that the school has a lot to offer to anyone interested in pursuing their education. It just takes focus and determination in order to succeed here or at any school.


Some of the teachers didn't explain the assignment to my understanding. The teacher probably thought everyone way on the same level


That there is not enough clubs for those you take classes online.


The worst thing I consider about my school is that there is no clear definition of your class level. It is hard to determine if one is a junior or senior just by credits alone.


The location is in the heart of old town Phoenix. Although the campus itself is in great condition and has a beautiful setting, the surrounding area is a bit run down.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of exposure Grand Canyon University recieves because GCU is a school that wants to see their students achieve success and GCU cares about the students as a person. Every week, my enrollment Counselor calls me just to see how class is going and if I am having any problems. If GCU used these examples as a means of advertising, a lot more students would find Grand Canyon University as a Univerrsity that is unique and affordable




I do not have a negative comment about GCU


The finacial aid/ business department could use a little tweeking. One person tells you one thig ad another person tells you something completely different.


The location and the low-quality of the surrounding area. Parking is horrendous here. I commute every day so that isn't cool either.