Grand Canyon University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


So far as I've got to know and experience being amongst those that attended Grand Canyon University, all that I have to say is that I've been amongst a mix few there however it is hasn't reduced how I've felt about the school overall.


There are a variety of personalities at Grand Canyon University. There is not a main stereotype for typical GCU students that I know of.


We are all Christian followers


Since it is a private school, people believe that students that attend the school are "rich" only. It is not true. I come from a poor family and had help from FAFSA and grants to pay my freshman year. The higher the grades, the higher my scholarship from GCU increases.


To be honest, I never seen any stereotype at Grand Canyon University. Everyone at the school is so welcoming and friendly that every student is socially active. Even in dorm rooms will you meet new students from different backgrounds and when meeting another student with the same background as your roommates, you tend to accept anyone from a different background.


The main stereotype that other individuals in my community believe about online schooling is that it is not actually a school and that the students are wasting their time and money attending a school in this online manner. This stereotype is not accurate because as long as the University is accredited the students are not wasting their time or money in attending an online University.