Grand Canyon University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I've just started attending and so far I favor the staff in which assisted me with the process of enrollment as well as those that continue til this very moment. I favor the professional attitudes I've dealt with overall.


Overall, Grand Canyon University has been excellent! I have loved all of my classes and professors (well, most of them), and I already feel like I have excelled more in my education. Grand Canyon University offers a great variety of extracurricular activities, as well as intramural sports as well. They also have other fun evening activities as well, and it presents a great opportunity to meet new people. These other activities include midnight breakfasts, chapels and life groups, movies on the lawn, Java Jam, and many more! There are always opportunities everywhere you go to become more involved and to meet new people. Grand Canyon University is absolutely fantastic, and I would recommend it to any prospective high school student.


Very great program


Grand Canyon University sustains a diverse environment where it is comfortable enough to socialize with other student perspectives. It's a great learning and attending at G.C.U, and there so much activities for commuters such as myself.


I absolutely love going to GCU, the class sizes are a lot smaller than ASU or NAU for sure it gives the student a lot of one on one time with the teachers. The professors are always willing to help out and open their schedule to meet with you. The people there are also very kind and my adviser is so helpful every time I have a question.


I was an online students at Grand Canyon university it was a beautiful experience online. My instructors call me back when I needed their assist. I really like the attention that is given to you. My dream is to finish school their an I pray that I receive a scholarship.


I really enjoy this school. The staff and faculty is always very helpful. The student adviser has went to extra lengths to make sure I could afford to go back to school.


Grand Canyon is a wonderful University that has given me the opportunity to graduate with a Master Degree and to begin my Doctorate Degree in Psychology. I am currently Attending Grand Canyon University.


I am really enjoying the campus of Grand Canyon University. The campus is not to small or not to big it is a perfect size.


Being a student that has went out of state in order to attend college is a very scary event. So, coming to such a friendly and inviting campus as Grand Canyon University has definitely allowed me to be able to focus and stay motivated in school. It can get difficult at times, being away from family and friends, but with such a wonderful staff and awesome students, there is always a comfortable environment.


I love GCU because it supports its quality and relevant degrees with doable time to completions, tuition rates, hybrid delivery, and supportive and friendly staff and advisers. GCU integrates research projects into the curriculum instead of loading them at the very end so that learners can develop their research proposal as they go. While a private Christian University, GCU does not require faith affiliation to attend graduate school. I enjoy meeting people from different walks of life, and feel encouraged by GCU's outreach tone, beliefs, and chapel. GCU involves itself in community, such as various contributions or projects for its Phoenix campus. I also see GCU as title sponsor and other valuable presence at events and venues, such as the Rock & Worship Roadshow, which I attended in Seattle. GCU supports and helps me to align my vision, mission, and goals with my practitioner-scholarship. They are hospitable. I've attended my to residency courses in Phoenix, which helped me to further develop my research design. I met some friends, and professional colleagues. I saw beautiful countryside. I returned relieved and now feeling better prepared to set out on my research project. This community engagement and quality program design still requires learners to contribute to quality and excellence with academic rigor and in line with its four pillars for academic advancement, Christian camaraderie, extracurricular excellence, and wellness and well-being ( In short, the University seems to want learners to live out their credo with credibility. Focusing forward, I've already attended an alumni event watching the now Division I lopes play a winning match at Seattle's Key Arena. As such, GCU sets an exemplar for how other institutions can design their graduate programs. I wholeheartedly recommend Grand Canyon University!


I like the flexibility of the school. My classes are all online, and the instructors are really good with helping out on any problems that may come up, either with understanding the material or having to turn in the work.