Grand Canyon University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I came from a family where educations wasn't important, but putting food on the table was. knowing what i know now about colege life and making the transition I would have told my highschool senior self to take some college classes. i.e. college English 101, and 102. Applied for scholarships and grants, while volunteering more often in the community. Most importantly I would have taking more heed to my elders advice on education.


Hey! Don't freak out it's me...well you...from the future . I just wanted to tell you that everything is going to work out. I know you're stressing about what school you are going to be attending but don't worry, just make sure you go to next weeks college fair. You'll know when you see it. Make sure to ask more questions though, like how hot Phoenix really is. Also, you need to start now on your scholarships. College is so expensive and you never know when the prices are going to increase, so get as much as you can for free. As far as friends go and relationships go, you are going to lose so many so called friends but gain even better ones. Keep your persistence and know that sometimes you won't always be praised for the things that you do. Lastly, I need you to start interviewing people with all kinds of jobs so that when you come to college you won't be as lost. I have to go now because my 200 word limit is ending, but remember to always remember the people who helped you along the way.


You have to stay focused and poisitve. it will get hard but it will not be impossible. Just make sure you set an appropraite amount of time for studying and then let all the other ascepts of your life fit your schedule after that.


Dear High School Self, I know it's senior year and you're tired and I know that you want nothing more than to be done with school. But please don't stop trying. Give every day and every assignment your all until graduation day. I know it's hard, but I promise you can do it and it will pay off. Make sure to apply to more than one school, tour more than one school, make sure you absolutely love where you end up. Don't settle. College it great, but you want to be somewhere that you can feel comfortable at for four years. Learn how to take care of yourself now. Don't wait until you have no other choice. Love your parents, take advatage of the time you have. You are about to start the best four years of your live, and I hope you enjoy them.


Apply for scholarships during high school, after high school, during your first degree, during your second degree, and all throughout your third degree. School is expensive but there are resorces available to you. Never feel stuck, you can do anything you want, no matter how much or how little support you have. Stop each day and be thankful for what you have, never stop being thankful. When it comes to your education, put your heart and soul into it, it pays off. Always be kind to yourself and those around you. Remember to give back even when you feel like you may not have enough to share. Be good to others, be good to yourself, and dream on.


The ability to go back in time is something that is not possible, but it is constantly running through our minds. If I could go back in time and talk to my senior self, I would tell me that life is not over, it was just beginning. My senior year I was 4 months pregnant with my daughter and I felt like life was over. I didn't know what I was going to do or how I would support my daughter. Before getting pregnant, I never saw myself going to college, I was unsure of what I wanted to do with life. Now, 3 years later, I would tell myself to stay positive, not give up because there is good things coming. I would also tell myself that all the things I thought I couldn't do, I did. Such as, graduating high school, continuing college classes and achieving a job.


It’s not always easy to get your schoolwork done, with this chaos around you. However, it does not matter. You have to really push to do your schoolwork, it will pay off in the end. Pay attention to school and don’t think it is a lot of work, college is even more work. Take things seriously, don’t think for a moment that this lesson is unnecessary. All the teachings in school are completely useful and helpful toward your grade. Look up more scholarship opportunities, learn how to find the right ones. College is more money than you could imagine paying, so you will need help. Fulfilling your dreams starts with the money to do so. Learn more about loans, do not plan on relying on them for everything. Do not take out a lot of loans, the interest will hinder your income in the future. Figure out a more suitable way to properly spend the money you receive. Lastly, keep your good attitude. Make sure you stay tenacious and strive for success. Do not get caught up in meaningless procrastination. Stay happy, never find yourself discouraged. You are the only one who can live out your destiny.


As a freshman in college, I now know and understand some of the struggles college students face every day. Currently attending Grand Canyon University, I as well face one challenge that includes finance. In high school, some decision making that I have made have an affect on my higher education experience. If I were to go back in time, I would advise myself to focus more on my education and spend less attention in the social community. Going back to advise myself to focus in class would offer me help to pay for tuition and qualify me for more scholarship opportunities. Going back in time would get me out of a difficult situation and better my position in college.


I would go to school right away. I would tell myself to be honest about what I really wanted as a career. I wish I would have looked into more opportunities to accommodate me going to school as soon as I graduated. I told myself it wasn't possible but I believe I could have done it. I have learned to take my oppurtunities as they come now as there might not be a next time and life is too short to wait.


The first thing that I would tell my high school self is that those college classes you take during high school will matter in the future. Take the time to do well in those classes instead of just skating by with a passing grade. By doing well in those classes the first time you will save a lot of time and money in the future. I would also tell myself that being able to graduate as a junior in high school is not everything in fact it will just be the beginning of a long difficult educational journey. I would offer myself encouragement that you will be able to succeed in college even if it won't be the traditional 4-year college experience. I would say that completing your education will be a struggle at times but not to give up because you can do it. I would say that eventually you will earn a bachelors degree and apply for graduate school, even if it isn't on your time schedule of what you had mapped out for your college education.


While moving to a new place can be scary, it is one of the best opportunities that someone can be given. People are not quite so scary as they might seem. Everyone is eager to make new friends and start over in a completely new place. While it is easy to feel out of place at first, remember that everyone feels that same way. People like to act like they have thier lives put together and are not scared of anything, but everyone feels out of place the first couple of weeks of college. Also, college work is not as bad as people make it seem. While studying is a must, it definitely pays off in the long-run. Having classes that are tailored to your interests is not boring at all, but is actually pretty awesome. Rather than sitting through boring classes, all of the classes that you have to take are completely tailored to your degree. Do not fret young one, college will be one of the best experiences of your life!


I would tell myself to be prepared for a bright future! After attending GCU, I have realized I want to pursue my Master's degree and know that will only open many more doors for my future. My high school self would be happy to know that I have a great future ahead of me and I am realizing more and more how important education truly is.


I would tell myself to worry a lot less about what I am wearing and focus more on what scholarships I am applying to. After being in college for six weeks I would say that here nobody cares how your dress or how your hair looks. The bottom line is that you are here and whether you are excelling in your classes or not. Maybe something I would include would be to pay the extra hundred dollars for the dual-enrollment classes rather than risk it and wait to see if the AP score will be good enough. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


The advice I would give myself if I could go back in time is to study harder and not worry so much about AP and Honors classes. In the end most colleges do not take weighted gpas, so all the hard work in high school is for nothing. If I could go back I would have taken regular classes in order to have exceeded the way I should have instead of breaking myself apart taking classes that were not taken into account for college.


Put away as much money as you can for retirement now. Learn to think like an investor, not an employee. Do not go into debt and get caught up in the rat race of working and spending. Seek passive income of the kind you get from investing or managing a business. Never ever give up! Protect your credit like your life depends on it. Watch for the opportunities to get ahead so that when they come you seize the opportunity. They don't come along often.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior I would tell myself don't 10 years to go to college. By that time you will have a child and have to manage college and motherhood at the same time as a single parent. It would of been more practical to finish college before having children and therefore, I would have a better career. There are so many opportunities given to college graduates. College life can be intimidating, demanding, and challenging and I wish I would of attempted it at a younder age. I would tell myself that it can be a little scary starting something new, but many others are most likely feeling the same as it is a new experience.


Here is a new view on college. Guess What? You really do not have to know what you want to study to start going to college. Part of going to college is to open up new avenues of exploration and to guide you with your choice. Here is the kicker: You are smart enough to do it. Anything worth doing is never easy, but the rewards more than make up for the self doubt of not being smart enough. The other big thing is that you do not have to start out at a big university. You can start at a community college and get a great education to get your college adventure started. Do not be afraid to ask questions. The only stupid question is the one you do not ask. Another good thing about college is that the people that are at college are there because they want to be, so the disruptions and immaturity are usually gone. Forming a study group is not hard; most people are looking for someone to study with. Use the advisors, financial counselors and teachers/professors most are willing to point you in the right direction.


I'm not sure the person I was as a high school senior would have given the person I am now the time of day, because I wasn't interested in school then. But if I could have such a discussion, it might go like this: "Lynn, the time will come when what and how you want to study will be available; keep your eyes open for that opportunity. It will happen when you least expect it, and when it doesn't seem possible to attend school, learn the material well, and get the grades you deserve--but you need to know that it is possible, and it will happen for you. Even though you will care for family members with disabilities and lose at least one parent before it happens, that will only be a temporary detour on yoru journey. You have the power to leave this world better than you found it, and when you find the right place and time to get the education you want, take a chance on yourself and don't look back. You can do this. You will do this."


Don't procrastinate as easy as it is to say you're not don't because in the long run it can hurt you. Try your very best in every class because college is so much fun and it is a time for you to grow as a person. Right now high school may seem hard but keep trying because in the end it will all be worth it. Growing up in a family where no one went to a university let alone college it's hard to have someone to look up to. But once you graduate you're going to be the one that the little ones look up to and they're eventually going to want to be in the same position you are. They're going to say if she can do it so can I so keep striving to accomplosh you're dream and never sell yourself short because you have so much to offer this world you just haven't realized it yet.


If I would be able to go back and advise myself some tips as a high school senior there would be numerous of things I would tell myself. Time-managing was such an important task. I would tell myself to stop fooling around and actually take the time to study and focus of things that was school related. In addition, I would try to encourage myself to become social and work within a group well. In most of my college classes, I felt that working amongst groups was one important aspect. I would tell myself to be able to handle working with other people when the opportunity was given instead of trying to accomplsih everything on my own. Another thing I would advise myself would be to work for the community. My school prioritized one of their tactics on helping other people within the community. I would tell myself to give my time for some volunteer work, experiencing the ability to help other people without any rewards given. These are one of the three vital factors I would advise myself as a high school senior.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self about college, I would advise myself to go to college as soon as you get out of high school because you are the daughter of a deceased world war II veteran and you would most likely be able to get some help from the veterans administration if you go while you are under a certain age. Don't wait like I ended up doing and am now having to find a way to finance my education. The experience will be a new and different one, but if you go to the right college it will be a good one. You will learn a lot and make friends that could become life long friends. You also want to consider the fact that having a degree will be very helpful when it comes to finding well paying positions in your chosen field.


I would say: "Jocelyn, make sure that when you go back to school you are awake durring the early morning classes, those low grades will come back to bite you in the rump when it comes time to graduate. Be sure to take as many summer and mini-semesters as you can, it is a great way to power through classes like math and BCIS. ALWAYS


The transition into college is really hard. The work necessarily isn't harder, but it's the small things that are hard to transition into. Going to class, doing the homework that isn't graded, and taking time to study- not just the night before a test. Growing up on a reservation, it was always hard to go into the other side of the bridge and form relationships with people you haven't known your entire life. However, I promise that if you go the extra mile, things will get easier. Step out of your comfort zone, introduce yourself to people, get involved in activities to meet people and you will form bonds that will last a lifetime. It will make going to class and studying more fun when you can do it with people you enjoy being around. The transition into college will be so much easier if you stop being comfortable all the time and take a leap into the darkness to discover what is on the other side.


Dear Senior, You know how you felt like high school meant everything? Well, I want you to know that there is so much more waiting for you. Yes, not everything turns out how you want it to, but that's not always a bad thing. there are so many adventures waiting to happen - you just have to search for them. Seek them out. When people and circumstances push you down, get back up and move on and do your best. Even when people tell you that you can't do something, prove them wrong by persevering and fighting for what you truly want. Don't give up. You have more strength in you than you know, and there will be times that you need to access that strength when you feel like giving in to the lies that you are weak and done. Your life and your dreams are worth fighting for, and there are people who look up to you that are counting on your strength to help them. Be your courageous self and others will be encouraged by you. You are making an impact on your world so learn to live fearlessly. Waiting in anticipation, Your Future Self


The advice that I would give my self, after learning and experiencing college life would be first to explore more options, stay true to what you believe in and stay focused no matter what the situation. A personal note will be to find a friend that knows how to cook. I would also advise myself to quickly get involved into as many programs and organizations that you can handel. Make sure you are understnding the basic methods of good time managment and if you are going to stay on campus then get involved with sports or organizations that will help you become a well rounded student. Look deeply inside your future and choose who you want to be, not what others want you to be.


Hi JoAnn, I am from your future, and life it is NOTHING like we planned. I beg you please stay focused on the future you have planned! those feelings of inadequacy and loneliness, I promise, are just growing pains. Going to college will give you not only a new beginning but a step toward a much more secure future. Don't listen to that boy. Besides, you were accepted to the three (3) schools you applied to. Just stay focused on this last year of high school so you can make the valiant transition to a well-deserved college life! Remember ‘What happens to a dream deferred...' I want you to go to college. Make our plans our reality. You will be inspired and appreciated for you and have that healthy exchange of encouragement you are seeking. You are a clever girl with real ideas and ideals. College will be the opportunity to explore your interests and yes, join the sorority you often dream of. It is so much more than you can imagine. The experiences will be life long and always rewarding. Let’s go tell mom and dad we chose Butler University,… please. Everything else can wait.


I would tell myself that it would be more beneficial to go to college right away. I would tell myself that in only a few hard years I will have a career. I would also tell myself that it would be easier to do college before having children. To give my children the attention that they need, they will need you to not do so much homework throughout the day. When I graduated high school in 2002, I went into the work force right away thinking fast money would be better than no money for a few years. I would say do not settle for a job that will not make you happy. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do but I would inform myself that my heart is in nursing. That way I don't have to think about what I want to do when I graduate. Lastly, I would tell myself to believe in my abilities to get things done and not to questions my educational commitments. Comforting myself and giving myself the confidence needed to succeed will greatly increase my chances of gaining my degree earlier.


Do not make life harder than it has to be. I know that being an independent adult is important to you but there is another way to gain that independance rather than what you are doing now. Indepence has it's perks but it also has a lot of responsibilty (mainly with money). It's true, in-order to live you must pay; everything that you want as an independent adult you must pay for even having a family. I know that you are only thinking about the big picture but in-order to have that "big picture' you must pay for all the little picture details. Go to College! Even if you do not know exactly what you want to do just start with your General Education. A higher education will provide you and your future family with financial stability to pay for the "Big Picture Dream." Also, I know that the "College Life" (aka- partying) seems like a perk while attending College but truthfully it is a lot more trouble than what it is worth. Have fun in moderation and stay focused. A college education will truly bring you happiness in all aspects of life.


I would tell myself to never be scared to take risks or to put myself out there. Then, I would remind myself that in order to have a successful college career, I need to apply myself to my classes more and remind myself I am there for an education. And, although I think I was successful in developing relationships, I now know that I have a lot of flaws that are not exactly considered good friend material. I think I would tell myself that I need to not just be friendly, but I must realize that life is about working with others, no matter their personalities or whether I "think" they are right or not. Finally, I would make time to develop my faith in God more, as well as make time and gain the confidence to go and ask professors questions. To sum it up in two words I would tell myself to "grow up".


Many graduating college students are realizing far too late that there is a huge disconnect between what many programs are teaching and what skills are needed in the working world. In addition to that, many students do not understand that internship and extracurricular activities are not just an option, they are a necessity. Therefore, I would tell my self to research top programs for specific careers I am interested in now, but did not know I was then. Further, I would tell myself to study the courses that will teach the most practical skills and knowledge and less of the theoretical knowledge. The next thing I would tell myself would be to do as many extracurricular activities and an internship within that specific area. The extracurricular activities and internship will provide priceless networking experience and the chance to see what the field looks like. This would have changed my job outlook after graduation and potentially the school that I ended up going to. Now approaching graduate school, I am thankful I now know the importance of these experiences and strategies .


Eliminate unnecessary distractions and things that hold you back: A support system is important (family, friends, some socializing), but eliminate things that discourage or waste time and energy. Learn how to learn; research learning and study strategies—and put them to use. Proactively approach each class: Buy books in advance, and start reading before the class begins; look ahead at future assignments, and do what's possible early; invest in good study tools, but don't waste money on unnecessary props. Participate in class discussions, listen, and learn from other students as well as professors. Be willing to learn and to be taught, because if you already know more than anyone else, why are you in school? Strive for quality, excellence, and honesty in your studies and the way in which you conduct yourself; the process you use in school will become your pattern for life. It will carry over and affect work, life, and relationships. The momentum built in college will provide the velocity to propell you through life—successfully or ... Enjoy the ride: After proactively doing all possible to get an A and do well, smile, make friends, establish relationships. Help other people along the way.


Dear past self, Hope you're enjoying your last year of high school! I know it's impossible to stay motivated because you're almost out of there but trust me you need to hang in there. Once you get to college you'll wish you had picked up some awesome study tips from high school. Make more connections. The people you meet in college will be fantastic, but it will be nice to have a core friend group that you don't see everyday. Finally, have fun. It's your last year of high school. Take some courses that are interesting to you. Don't stress so much. High school will prepare you for some of what you need for the real world, but the rest you can figure out yourself


Dear Dannielle, I want you to know that going away from home and your family will be a good thing. You will meet a wonderful man who will become your husband and you will have a beautiful daughter. You will go to school to become a nurse. Keep on that road. Don't give up. Don't stop. You deserve so much. Your family is behind you! I know you can do this! Studying is hard, but so worth it. You will be the sole provider for your family, but the support they give you is incredible. Be strong, stay focused, and do your best. Love always, You.


I would tell myself not to get to used to the idea that the transition will be easy. This next year is a huge and honestly, I would have never expected that I would be where I am today. I would also tell myself that no matter what happens in the next couple of months, to remember that the most important this is to stay yourself. It's really hard to leave everything you know and grow up in just a couple of months, and at some times it may feel like you are alone but in the end if you stay true to youself and find a way to make yourself smile, you will find the beauty in the transition. College is a whole nother world, but it is also an incredible world. The best is yet to come. So as cliche as it may sound, listen to everyone that says enjoy this time, you really never get it back. Oh ans, don't sweat the small stuff, it makes the big stuff a little bit easier to handle, and gives you a lot more time to worry about the great stuff.


As a senior in college, I stress a lot about what other people would think of my college decisions. I chose programs that I thought would make others proud of me or would make me look good to my friends. I ended up hating the program I chose and wasting a lot of my time. I reversed a little, finished my Associate's at community college and chose Grand Canyon University for my Bachelor's. If I could go back in time, I would tell my past self to just trust yourself and don't listen to other people that try to dictate what you should be doing. People learn in all different ways and methods. Traditional schooling didn't work for me, so I changed to an online program, which was so much better for me. I would tell myself to take the leap and try something new without fear of being judged or disappointing anyone. My parents are just as proud of me even though I didn't choose some bug, "top 10" school.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, first of all, I would be traveling into an alternate reality, since I was homeschooled from kindergarden onwards, and was thus not technically ever a high school senior. However, I would tell myself that college isn't such a foreign world - that it is a place where you can still be yourself and conquer what you set out to do. I would tell myself to have faith that I can do it ... to spend less energy on fretting and more on enjoying the experience. But most of all, what I needed to hear and still do: to be open to every possibility and where it might take me. Life leads in surprising directions. As a returning student, I never imagined before my first college courses that I would go into the culinary arts, but I've found a new direction.


My today self would advise my high school self to focus on education and give serious consideration to medical school. The other thing that I would advise the high school me of is to stay away from the parties.


I graduated from high school in 1988 in that time I did not have a lot of experience, and now that I'm going to Grand Canyon University, this school has brought out my potential to do my best in school. The advice I would give myself in high school is that I should have taken the classes that would help me get into college.


In all honesty, I would tell myself to be a complete loner and have no friends and definetly no boyfriends. They are only going to slow you down and get you now where in life. YOu dont go to school to make friends you go to learn. Are they going to help you get to Grand Canyon university? If not, then drop them like a bad habit. Homework and school activities are your bestfriends.


There are a few things that I would change. I would take more chances and follow my heart more. I would take charge and go for the job that I want instead of settle and wish. Move forward istead of wait on the side lines for my life to begin. I would tell myself that there will be hurdles and tuff situations but nothing that could not be handled with strength and passion. To always remeber to think ahead instead of in the moment and things will come your way.


As a high school senior I didn't take school as serious as I should've. I played around and slid by because I was eager to escape the the life as a "high schooler" and slip from the hands of my parents and take a step into adulthood and gain independence. If I were able to advise my "high school senior" self, I would express to her the importance and need of applying for scholarships. I would also tell her about financial stability and teach her about debt and budgeting and how to go through school without debt. As a current college student, I have accumulated a substantial amount of student loan debt working towards my dual major in elementary education and special education. Education is extremely important, however, Education that is paid for is even more important. High School Senior Endreah, in the words of Dave Ramsey, "It's easy to get a federal student loan or even go to the local bank to pay for your education, but doing so hurts both you and the economy in the long run".


I would have studied more and taken school more serious. My family did not put much emphasis on school, I grew up in a household who did not think I would graduate from high school because I was a teen mother also prior to me only two others in my family had graduated from high school. While I was in high school I did not take it serious because I was not pushed nor did I see a future for myself. Ultimately I graduated from high school with my graduating class, however sadly my GPA was low. My transition to college was not that difficult, however it was a little longer due to I tested low when I took the placement test which in turn caused me to start at the very bottom for my general education courses. Had I been more focused in high school this would have been one less hurdle for me to get over. Today I am a very vocal person to my children and all other people that are in ear shot about the importance of education. I push and encourage others to do the best that they can.


I would tell myself: Join as many associations and groups as possible; volunteer anywhere you can; when an adult tells you, "this will look good on a college application," believe them; don't let anyone stand in the way of going to college and move further away from home for school. I would also tell myself not to be afraid that I will fail, rather convince myself that failure isn't an option. I would try to explain to myself that although I'm only going to be a little fish in a huge ocean in college - there will be more little fish than big fish. I would tell myself that all of the hours spent studying in high school is nothing compared to the hours I have to set aside in college. Finally, I would tell myself to take advantage of any and all resources. They wouldn't be there if they didn't want to help.


Danny, In college you must learn to adapt yourself and use your time wisely. Make time your ally, you must learn how to make the best of it. It is not the quantity of hours achieved, but the quality of the hours that makes it effective. Take part, read a book, move mountains but dont get caught up in a sluggish lifestyle that will consume your opportunity. Above all, Become an individual who you would be proud to look up to. Let your ambitions be provoked by meaningful incentives, not only selfish success. I am currently aiming to be the best of my ability. I just wish I wouldve opened my eyes earlier to the truth; that actions will make you or break you. So my message to you (my earlier self) is to open your eyes. By seeing what is really in front of you, you may change the sight in which you see (your future).


As I am now fifty years old and I have enrolled in a place of higher education on more than one occasion, if I could go back in time and have a conversation with myself as a high school senior I would say, "Self, take the SAT, Self, apply to Ivy League colleges, Self, put your best foot forward and be all that you can be. If I could go back in time and have a real sit down with myself as a high school senior I would say, "Kandice, you're about to graduate and what are you going to do with your life?" I would say, "Kandice, there are so many roads, and so many options so choose wisely." And further, I would say, "Kandice, this is a defining moment, look at the big picture and use a broad paintbrush." Oh yes, if I could have a conversation with myself or if I had said these words to myself over some thirty years ago I would not now be striving to obtain a degree in Substance Abuse Counseling. But as we are all well aware hindsight is indeed 20/20.


Tristan, if you dont do anything else please, please, please, just do your math homework. It'll make your life so much easier and you'll never have to worry about going to Antelope Valley College and you might end up at Cal Poly Pomona like you originally intended.


Highschool takes about four out of your fourteen years of general schooling. In those remaining four years as an adolescent, you will start to feel pressured and obligated to begin planning for you future. As a struggling student in highschool, deciding what career pathway you want to take will seem like a burden if you have not yet figured out what your passion is. It may seem difficult at first, but it really is rather simple and managable. Think of an talents you may have, or maybe a task that you love to fulfill. Challenges that you enjoy completing or things that inpsire you. Along with that, think about what you want in the years to come for yourself, your family, and future family. When you figure out what it is that you are truly passionate about, analyze the possible careers that best fit your passion. After negotiating your choice, make it a goal and strive to achieve it. Failing to decide how you will further your education can lead to feelings of disappointment and dissatisfaction. Think about your future now while you have higher control of the direction you can go.


Study alot more!


If I could go back to high school and give myself a piece of advice I would tell myself to buckle down and focus on the present time, not the future. I would remind myself that college is one of the most expensive purchases of your life and without it there won't be too many other big purchases in life. Most importantly I would remind myself that my mother needs as much help as she can get. A single mother who hasn't recieved help from my father in over ten years has somehow kept our heads above the water. Working long hours and passing up dinner parties and other events just to keep a roof over our heads. I can't appreciate my mother enough, I wish I could help her more with bills. If I could tell my past self to work harder and get more scholarships I would be working in my spare time to help my mother, not trying to pay off my college tuition. I believe the younger version of myself wouldn't have let a single oppertunity go by after hearing the story of his future.


After finishing my first year in college, I just lived a really life wake up call. To my high school senior me: learn how to study and prepare yourself. Attending classes and promptness become optional, but DO NOT take take advantage of that. Professors may say they do not care about attendance but then again they probably do not care about you. Missing classes and lectures will hurt only you because unlike high school there is no make up work, quizzes or test. Studying must be habit. Its always a toss up when you should start studying, but there should be no question; start studying the day your pen hits the paper. Unlike high school, you need to retain the information you are recieving for the rest of your life to better your future. Also, have a plan of what you want to do and where you want to go. Choose the college that will better your future and education. Choosing Tallahassee Community College was one of the best decisions you could make. Where you choose to go, paves your path. Pick the college that fits you and has professors and staff that care about you and your future.