Grand Canyon University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Grand Canyon University?


Talking with student support over the phone is frustrating, due to their lack of knowledge of the process, and considering they sound like new college students they never seem to get short answers in a timely manner. I often have to go find out the answers myself.


As I have not yet begun my first class I don't have anything that I frustrated about.


GCU is a great school that gives a student all of the resources they need to suceed in pursuing a higher education. The only frustration I have experienced with this school thus far is not being notified by my academic advisor about a schedule change in my courses. Not even that it was a big issue having one course changed and substitued for another course. The underlying issue was that my academic advisor did not inform me of this change and that there would be a hidden cost for this change that I did not approve.


The fact that I'm doing online classes right now makes it hard to get help from the instructors, as well as making it hard to connect with other people and students.


Sometimes contacting advisory team could be difficult.


I don't consider anything about my school to be frustrating yet. I will be starting in approximately one week. One frustrating thing about being a first time college student getting close to the first day of school is the anxiety. From simple things as what are the people going to be like in my classes? To worries of how you're going to do in the upcoming semester. Regardless, it is an exciting time in life that will very rarely repeat itself.


In all honesty I dont find anything to be frustrating. I feel the school is still building to become a better campus for its students and future students so that they feel safe and welcomed. The olny thing that is kind of a damper on the school is that the neighborhood is not the safest but the school makes sure to keep it secured 24/7 for our safety.


Transferring to Grand Canyon has been very difficult and long, but it is mainly protocal and mistakes from my old college.


Either how expensive it is, or the teachers not speaking english well like I stated above. Grand Canyon is a very expensive school. Even though they do give out scholarships, they refuse to work with you if you slip up in a couple classes. This is what has forced me to research other scholarships so I can pay for my education.


getting in touch with advisors at first.