Grand Canyon University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that someone would have told me a little bit of what to expect. When I first attended GCU I felt so stressed out I was super overloaded with homework. It was about the thing that ate me up inside the most the stress! Not only that but I didnt know how to work their online program the loudcloud was my worst nightmare!


How and where to apply for more scholarships.


How to utilize career services for after graduation.


Time-management was very important during the school year, one thing that I struggled to accomplish. I wish I had known before coming to the school the independent work we had to do to become successful in each class. The time to study and work to become better than the previous exam was difficult. The activities and clubs we had, I was unaware of. If I would have known of the clubs, and when they started to meet, and where, I would have been more involved with the affiliations happening during my break time.


I wish I would have known about this school prior to attending my previous university. The school advisor has been so helpful and encouraging when doubt has arose or I was in need of any type of help.


I wish I had understod the scholarships that athletes receive better. I was promised things and never received them.


Before I enrolled with Grand Canyon University, I wish I would have known how much knowledge and expertise I would gain in such a short amout of time. Dedication and determination does pay off!


I wish I had known that even though I was awarded certain scholarships there is a cap on the amount I am allowed to use.


That is was going to be great and that I should have started a long time ago.


Nothing, I scouted universities and narrowed it down to 3 & from there I made my decision based on intuition and the integrity of GCU.


The ability to know of how Christian based this school really is. This school fosters a sense of Christian identity and is a few of a handful of university that is plentiful in Christian education. I also which I could of known that I would be required to take a Christian class. Students coming here need to know of the Christianity based school this is. You meet others of diverse faiths. Opinions and ideologies are very high and caused heated debate so this school is very social controversial but one must accept others right to opinions.


Since this is my freshman year in college there are definitely things I wish I would have had the knowledge of before attending. Some of the things I forgot about were the everyday items that I left at home. Besides the things that every freshman sometimes forget about or do not have the knowledge of I honestly feel like I knew everything I need to know before coming to Grand Canyon University. I was completely prepared for everything Grand Canyon University had to offer me simply because the admission councilors make sure you are thoroughly ready for the college experience.


How amazingly wonderful the environment and the people were.


Well not all my classes tranfer because they only allow so many tranfer credits and i reached the max so i lost a great deal of my credits and have to retake the classes.i had payed all my loans off just to have another 4500 to pay off after i is my hope to recieve scholarships to help with my school so i dont burdened my family with my cost of schooling.i am raising my five kids on single budget that leaves little money for school. I want to be a role model for my kids.


I have not expect any thing different, because everything the website offer and the counselors told me about was awesome.


I would have wished I knew how much money I needed to live on campus. I wanted to know how much scolarships I could've got. I now know that students that live on campus succeed more than the students living off campus.


That college may seem easy for the first year, but it gets harder and more is expected of you.


Nothing, the couslers prepared me very well with all the information that I needed.


That the matress was going to be so stiff, because if I knew i would have brought a matress pad.


To be honest I can't think of for anything for this question. I have enjoyed this school since I first started and love it.


I wish I would have done this earlier in my life, as in before marriage and kids. I think I am missing out in a great experience of living on campus and being "free" to do whatever along with my studies.


I wish that I would have known that some of the Non- Christians are very Non- Christian, also so non caring to help others out.


I wish I known what I need to feel at home. I wish I would have know driving is a good idea no matter how long or short the drive is. I wish I knew I would need more than clothes and $500 to survive. I wish I knew taking a break after high school was a bad idea.


I wish i would have listened to everyone else who kept telling me to stay focused. My first year I was surrounded by temptation. I strayed off course and my studies fell behind. I was an honor student in high school but I ended up failing my first year of college due to partying. I started a different school the following fall and aced my schedule. I had to leave school a year before graduation due to financial instability. Now I am 29 years old trying to finish up my degree online when I should have already graduated.


I wish i had known more about the area that the school is located, because it is hard to find a job without a car. I also wished I knew more about the extra expenses, because I have spent more than what the expected rate. Additionally I wish I knew more about the tempo of the campus, and the activited available to the students.


I wish I would have known that it woul be so hard to get financial aid


That costs would go up for tuition within just a few months.


As I am a new student, I am most likely not qualified to answer this question. However, as I have attended other schools in the past, as well as having researched this University, I believe I can offer a genereal bit of advice to a new student. I wish I had not waited til the end of my AA to take the few classes I knew I would struggle with (science and math). I wish I had studied more in the classes I didn't like and thus just wanted to "get through". And always try your best!




I would have liked to have known the over-all cost.


I wish I had been more open to trying new things, and been more well rounded. There is so much that this school has to offer, and I needed to become more time oriented to be able to fit it all in! But to be honest, one really cannot know what to expect. Every day is a new day, and a chance to succeed. Our mistakes help us grow, so if I could advise anyone about Grand Canyon University, I would tell them to be open for a life changing experience.


I only wish I had started this school sooner!




Everything that I wanted to know about the school, I asked and researched before I applied.


I wished I knew about their education program before I picked my first major. I took a few classes that were not necessary for the education major, so if I had known about the program, I wouldn't feel like I wasted some time in some of my classes.


I wish I would have known that it is a complete lifestyle change, and I wish I would have gone to school when I was younger.


How much financial aid I was goingto need