Grand Canyon University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Disregarding differences and putting aside biases, community and a sense of belonging is something that many desire . At Grand Canyon, because they create the best atmosphere throughout the university, it allows their students to be progressive. Having constant student involvement as well as their competitive spirit, the university creates an idealistic perspective on college life. The best thing about this university includes all that mentioned and more. Personally, through GCU I have grown in my relationships all around just through the campus activities. Every aspect plays a key role in their great environment and is thoughtfully put into place.


The best thing about Grand Canyon is probably the enviroment when you are at the library. As soon as you set foot inside everyone knows that you are there for a reason. Everybody is proffesional and is respectful when it comes to being quiet. I really like the vibe that everyone is in and makes you feel wanted.


The best thing about my school is it's connection between education and faith. My university's mission is to help students grow academically and spiritually. However, it does not force students to participate in spiritual activities. It encourages students to make their own decisions and be a part of their own faith. The spiritual growth also has an effect on the wonderful environment at GCU. Everyone is friendly and supportive of others' beliefs and values. There's no judgement, just a desire to grow as one, spiritually and academically, in order to be successful in all of our futures.


I think going to Christian University you really get to go in depth with your faith and see how a university can incorporate that into it's teaching stuyles and campus life.


I consider the best thing about the school is the environment. The school is on a lake and is exclusive to the college of nursing at the Boswell Campus. It is a great place to be and one can be inspired by just walking the halls. The environment includes the instructors. They are all willing to help us succeed and talk to us any time we request help.


The best part of Grand Canyon is the small class sizes and the very personable faculty. I left ASU because of the large class sizes and the impersonable class structure and teachers. My classes typically had a faculty to student ratio was 1:20. The faculty was always available when I needed extra help and are very kind.


People are tolerant. Why? because it's a good quality to have.


The online programs are easy and it is boring.


The best thing about Grand Canyon University to me is that it labels itself as a Christian educational experience. I have been a student for a mere seven weeks and it has proven to be true. I am a Christian ( I prefer saint), and I enjoy studying the Bible, I enjoy meditating on the word of God, and I enjoy utilizing the Bible to complete the many assignments given. The learning environment pushes me to strive to be even the more Christ-like.


I consider the feeling of acceptance is the best thing about Grand Canyon University. The moment I walked onto the campus I felt accepted, no matter what skin color or walk of life you came from. Once you were on campus you were one of their own. It was an amazing feeling that can't be traded for anything else in the world. It is truly a one of a kind campus and faculty.


I enjoy the online setting. I am a single mother of a 6 year old daughter. I am mother and father to my daughter. I do not hae much help with her, so the online setting is reliable and it doesn't take as much time away from her. She ould not be able to take it if I had to campus everyday for class. I have a schedule of when I do my online class and when my daughter and I spend time together and she understands. My daughter is my biggest motivation.


I liked the curriculum, teaching and resources


What I consider the best thing about my school is the freedom it provides me. I love my experience at college so far because it has given me the opportunity to become more independent and take on more responsibility for myself and my studies.


I would say that they best thing about my school is the atmosphere. Everyone is so nice and accepting. Students, faculty and staff go out of thier way for one another and expect nothing in return. Its a rare thing to be able to not only feel safe on campus but to also feel you can trust the university and your fellow students, which is something that comes easy at this university.


My instructors, councelors, and financial aid staff are knowledgeable and always there to assist me. My new instructors call to introduce themselves and discuss and go over the class. They are promt at giving thorough feedback. GCU is a christian school and knowing that there is an undertone of GOD being involved in my education and knowing that I can always call and speak to a pastor just adds to the alreayd supportave enviornment GCU maintains. There is no changing of councelors or advisors; they are there with you every step of the way.


Grand Canyon University is different from other Universities. Given it is a private university, the exclusivity a student has in his/her learning environment is great. The classes are small (approx 20-25 students), the teachers are all very open to one-on one sessions, and the community is small enough so you can organize study groups very easily. That is probably the best thing about this school. You never feel like you are alone and always have someone to hold you up. It makes for a very relaxing setting with so many friendly people nearby.


I love Grand canyon they have great classes and helpful employees. It is convient and has great oncampus and online programs.


I go to school online. I love this opportunity and learn more this way. I love attending classes online and I can attend whenever I have the time and am able to.


The best thing about GCU is the ability to take class online and still have the personal attention offered to traditional students. My enrollment counselor has been with me every step of the way. He call twice a week to make sure that everything is going ok and to answer any questions that I might have. His phone calls really personalize the experience. I am a name with a face not just a number behind a computer screen.


The fact that my school has the best science program in the state is what I consider best. This is the reason I came to this school, but the reason I stayed is because the people are so welcoming and I plan to join track to become even more involved.


The best thing about Grand Canyon University, being a Christian school, is their faith in their students and their faith in God. They believe in their students! Advisors and professors at Grand Canyon University want each student succeed in college and be well prepared for careers outside of college. They are always available to discuss needs of students, help in any way possible and do what they can to drive students in the right direction – graduation, a positive lifestyle and a career you’re prepared for!


It is ranked number 7 in the nation for online schools. I want to get my degree online without my diploma saying "Online".


The best thing about my school is that I am able to finish my Bachelor's degree completely online and it is a Christian-based college. It allows me to still work and prepare for our first child coming in September because I am able to do the school work at my own convenience.


The online structure fits into my work and home schedules. I am able to log in anytime of the day to complete my assignments. I also enjoy that group assignments are worked into the course but do not make up the entire class.


The online schooling option is awesome. I am a working mother so I can choose when I do my school work, and from home too!!!


The fact that it is so diverse. One of my teachers lives in Germany and the other across town from me.


I am on line I like the online teaching


I start January 4th, but as of now, the enrollment counselor has been very professional and excellent at following through with promises.


Instructors. The instructors at my school are professional, yet care about their students successes and transforming their failures into successes.


This school has a very flexible on-line program that allows me to work at my own pace.


The best quaility was the friendliness upon registering for classes. They were very helpful and gave extra attention when needed.


The best thing about my school are the professors desire to encourage students to do their best. They are always willing to help students to promote the best education possible. In addition your classmates make the semester go by fast because of their loving spirirt to help one another. Grand Canyon University is an excellent school. I couldn't have picked a better school.


That I am able to attend online classes and live in another state. Even though I am nowhere remotely close to the campus I believe I am getting a good education and making great friendships pn;ine. The professors are also very helpful when it comes to any matters concerning the class.


I think the best thing about my school is that students are able to choose if they would like to go to school online or on campus. This school has a strong online program. I enjoy going online because it better fits my schedule, and the faculty is helpful and responsive. Students in the classroom are always encouraging, and helpful to their fellow classmates. No one feels left out of the class, and it's easier to feel more encouraged to speak up of opinions and about the subjects.