Grand Valley State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A friendly beautiful campus with small classes and dedicated faculty.


Grand Valley is a decent size school with a nice campus, nice facilities, and a moderate amount of oppurtunities to enrich your experience, but it is nothing special.


A cultural meltingpot that excepts everyone!


My school is not considered just a school, rather than an accepting family that provides a multitude of opportunities to allow the student body to get invovled and excell, in and out of the classroom.


GVSU is a quaint campus, tucked away and full of friendly faces, helpful programs and an overall comfortable, safe atmosphere.


Grand Valley is excellently diverse and personable.


My school is focused on producing well-rounded students and a happy, healthy learning environment.


Our school has a beautiful campus that motivates and encourages us to do our work to the best of our abilities by providing us with places to study and enjoy each other's company.


Grand Valley is a great school with abudant opportunities. It's located in the quiet town of Allendale, however, it is about a twenty minute drive from Grand Rapids. There are a plethora of organizations to become a part of, the staff is quite friendly and very easy to get in touch with, and the classes are rigorous and leave you well-prepared for whatever the next step is you wish to take. Grand Valley's location, along with its dedication to educate made it the school of choice for me.


GVSU is a place where students can play an active role in just about anything; there are so many oppertunities for everyone, and it is easy to be able to push yourself to be successful.


A place that wants the students to do well and is centered around the needs of its students.


It places a bit too much emphasis on athletics, and I wish it was more intellectual. It seems like they are actively making things better though. It's a liberal arts college with a wide variety of majors, minors, and classes. We have the main Allendale campus, as well as the Pew campus in downtown Grand Rapids.


Our Allendale campus is gorgeous--especially in the fall. The majority of the modern buildings are certified as energy efficient. We're also building a brand new state-of-the-art library! The downtown campus also looks very modern, with it's brick buildings. Both campuses have pretty sweet clocktowers. Also, GVSU puts art in every building, which is really nice.


Grand Valley has a great academic prgram with helpful professors that really, truly care about your success; however, it lacks in the social aspects where other schools excell such as a lack of activities on the weekends, not a party schoolby any stretch of the imagination, and most people leave on the weekends.


Grand Valley is accepting, diverse, and helps to prepare students for the life ahead of them after college by exposng students to a diverse environment that requires students to strech their minds.


My school is ranked against some of the top schools in america they also keep things very interesting but yet nice at the same time.


Grand Valley is a liberal university with many programs and multiple campus sites, this offers the prospective student with many options to enhance their educational experience.


This school is very large but proffesors are able to help and get to know you.


It is a small college with a diverse student population.


Grand Valley is a great choice you will not be disappointed.


To me, I see Grand Valley as very accepting. There are so many groups and programs to help students learn to accept people who are different than them. It's hard to become accustom to, but even in the dorms, our Resident Assistants forbid hateful words such as "gay" or "retarded" that could be offensive to other people, even when it doesn't seem like a big issue normally. It makes me really proud of Grand Valley, because even if someone comes here as an outsider, they are given a chance to be equal and belong.


Grand Valley is a great mixture of friends, achievement, and fun.


Grand Valley Sate University is a liberal college.


Grand Valley is not only a great place to learn with professors who truly care, but it makes you feel comfortable and right at home.


GV is sustainable with a focus on making sure its students are well rounded and prepared to face the world around them.


Grand Valley State University is the cornerstone to a successful and bright future.


Grand Valley State University has a beautiful campus and all of the professors working here are extremely helpful, this is why I choose to attend Grand Valley.


Grand Valley is very warm and welcoming.




Grand Valley is the perfect place to achieve your academic goals.


My school is a great place to recieve an education and to meet freinds for a life time.


Grand Valley State Univeristy is changing the world.


Grand Valley offers opportunities for everyone while supporting a friendly and safe environment for learning.


Grand Valley is an amazing community of students who want to learn and professors who want to teach on an environmentally-friendly and technologically advanced campus that is located in the perfect area.


It is starting to become more diverse, and I am comfortable here.


Grand Valley is my home away from home.


A new Fun home.


Grand Valley State University is an amazing acedmeic instution with great facity and staff who care about the students success in whatever field they pursue upon graduation.


Grand Valley State University is a diverse community that is warm, accepting, and downright amazing.


Small classes, lots of hands on learning and a lot of helpful people and staff.


A strong liberal education serves as the foundation for Grand Valley's wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs, fostering critical thinking, creative problem solving, and cultural understanding.


Grand Valley State is a great place for a student who wants to learn their career in a smaller, more structured classroom setting, while still being able to enjoy the college life such as great sporting events, different clubs and making friends who will be in their life forever.


It's a perfect fit for me, not too big, not too small.


Very accepting and able to accomodate students needs as well as prepare them extremely well for the future.


Grand Valley is a liberal arts college seeking to challege students to open their minds to their own talents and acheive their fullest potentials.


Nice capus but can be very boring.


An inviting and invigorating school with diverse options for those who do not want to travel far from home, but allow them a sense of freedom.


We are the laker nation.


My school is focused on increasing diversity, sustainability and liberalism.


Grand Valley is a smaller, lib eral arts school that is dedicated to the embetterment of student's lives.