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What's unique about Grand Valley is the expense of tuition. Out of all the schools that I considered Grand Valley was the school that had one of the best programs, but it also had one of the lowest tuition prices. In this economy students need to not only go to school, but also work to pay for it. The cost of tuition is always in a students head when they choose a college.


We have many different art pieces on campus.


Grand Valley State University stuck out the most because of the small classroom sizes, one on one action with my professors and on top of all that the campus is small. These things became pivotal when it came down to making my decision for college. I loved the fact that my professors would know me personally, and that I will be taught in a small class containing thirty to forty people instead of a hundred too four hundred students. I also loved the fact that I wouldn't get lost around campus. Grand Valley fit me perfectly.


Grand Valley is the smallest school I applied to. It has a beautiful, small, campus which makes walking from class to class an easy task. It is not a "party" school and it's occupants all seem to genuinely care about their education first and foremost. I wanted to attend a school where I knew I would put my education first, and I wanted to be sure that my surrounding peers were just as dedicated as I.


The unique thing about GVSU is that it is good size. It's not too small where we are all packed in but not too big where you have to ride a bus to get to class. I like that it's only a ten minute walk to get from one side of the campus to the other. If you are on crutches, you can simply get a ride on a golf cart to class.


Outwardly, my school has one of the most beautiful campuses I have yet seen. Academically, it has an extensive Hospitality & Tourism Management program with faculty & staff members who go out of their way to ensure the success of their students; not to mention it is quite an enjoyable program to be a part of with countless opportunities presented to the students for career/life advancement.


You'll either hate it or love it here. GVSU is one of those universities where if you don't fit into the majority, you are going to have to take control and tailor GVSU to you. Don't let that discourage you though! I'd love to see some students come to GVSU and help break up the cliques and make our campus home to more diverse people/personalities.


It's is remote and has large green areas and has a beautiful campus. The people are very friendly and class sizes are very small, making it very easy to develop relationships between faculty and students which opened up many opportunities for me


Grand Valley is one of the most innexpensive 4-year universities in the state. They have an excellent Engineering program and the location was convienient.


You'll either hate it here, or love it. It's all about what you put into it. I hated it at first, but as I get more involved, I like it more. You have to take control of your life though--otherwise you'll be bored/ignored/pushed around.


Grand Valley is a very personal school. You know a lot of people on campus and there is always someone to help you when you need it. They offer a TON of classes and there is always something for everybody. If Grand Valley doesnt have a specific major, they can work with you to develop a them that fits your needs specifically.


Grand Valley provides a wide variety of options to ready students for the field they plan on going into after graduation. For the engineering program in particular, they require students to work for three semesters while they are still enrolled as a student. This co-op program is only offered at three other schools in Michigan and is very beneficial to students once they graduate.


The campus, is one of a kind. With the multiple art pieces around campus, very well taken cared of, road assistant workers, and just fresh enviroment, perfect for getting an education. It is not surrounded by non-students, so you get to know more people you see in class and interact with them more often. Bus transportation is free and we dont have to wait long to get on the next one. We can go to Grand Rapid's campus in minutes as we enjoy the ride with other students. Beautiful lake and stadium!


Grand Valley is one of the few schools that not only has a reputation for great acedemics but also for an amazing sports team and relaxed campus.


This university has an art history major program, there are few schools in Michigan which have that program with the flexible class scheduling, and liberal teaching model that Grand Valley carries. I am a non-traditional student who commutes to class, and Grand Valley does not require on-campus living for freshmen. For the career path that I have chosen, Grand Valley provides what I need to achieve my life goal.


Grand Valley is a great school with many different opportunities for majors and for extracurriculars. With over 200 areas of study, it is easy for someone to find a degree they are interested in and with over 300 student clubs and organizations, there is no shortage of ways to be involved on campus.


Environmentally friendly and big on the liberal arts.


Grand Valley is very new. All the buildings are new everything on campus is new and beautiful. Also it is so upcoming it will continue growing.


Grand Valley stood out to me because it had a little bit of everything. It had the resources of a large University with the class sizes of a smaller University. The campus size doesn't feel cramped, nor is it overwhelming. It also has a broad range of majors to choose from.


Grand Valley State is unique because its small class sizes and positive environment help me want to learn. There are also many easy ways to get help if you need it. Most things from buses to sporting events are free for students, which makes campus life much more enjoyable.


Grand Valley has a large campus, yet most of the class sizes are small, so you still get the attention from the faculty that you would get at a smaller college. I love the fact that at Grand Valley, I am getting the same level of education that I would at other big-name universities, yet the class sizes are smaller so it is easier for me to focus while I am in class. I also love that Grand Valley is diverse and extremely focused on the success of their students. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!


Wellness goes in hand with Grand Valley State University. We recycle! The feeling of contributing toward making our enviroment healthier is obvious throughout campus. I love that we have a three story wellness center, and there are always people using the facilities. There are various clubs and intramural sport organizations to be involved in. Also, I can have a test for triglycerides, cholestorol, body fat, a nutrition/exercise plan all done on campus for either free or at a low cost. Grand Valley is also very clean. The buildings are maintained and people seem to take care to prevent germs.


What makes our school the best stand out is that Grand Valley creates well rounded students by encorporating the liberal arts general education program. You are not confined to you major at Grand Valley, your options for study explode upon arrival.


Grand Valley State University is the perfect size because it's not huge where you can feel lost among the crowd. But it has enough students to feel comfortable and get to know many (more than in high school).


Grand Valley State University is unique because of its campus. While deciding on a college, it was the biggest factor that won me over. The campus isn't in a big city and is very beautiful in summer and autumn. I feel safer here because I'm away from Grand Rapids, but it's still very convenient for me to get to the city when I need to. I was also attracted to the smaller class sizes here. The small amount of students, even in my lectures have made me felt like I get the attention I need from teachers.


Grand Valleys teaches us all to be open-minded and liberal in our ideas. The campus isn't large or intimidating and is very inviting and pretty. The professors are all so helpful and caring and make you feel incredibly welcome on campus. All of the classes are small and comfortable, so everyone can get more individual help to do the best we can. Compared to the other school that I visited, Grand Valley was the one place that made me feel welcome and at home.


This university is relatively well priced for the programs and opportunities available.


Grand Valley has a campus in the country (Allendale) and one in the city (Grand Rapids) with a free bus shuttle between them.


This school isclose to my home, and the campus was not overwhelmingly large. It is a fantastic universtiy known throughout the country for its athletic abilities, green environment, and excellent staff and educational emphasis. Grand Valley also is specialized in my intended major, athletic training, and my intended graduate school, physical therapy.


Grand Valley has an awesome community. There are so many resources on campus and lots of wonderful places to study or hang out. There is always something happening on campus and there are lots of clubs to join. I love Grand Valley because it is out in Allendale and in Downtown Grand Rapids. It is easy to get downtown and participate in those activites as well.


It's pretty small and enclosed. You know exactly when you are on-campus and when you are off-campus. It seems like one comunity.


Grand Valley is a division two school, we it is a division two school with a lot of school spirit. The football team is going to the National Championship this weekend and the amount of fan support is unbelievable.


I believe the most unique thing about this school is how students are always willing to help out other students. They aren't so competitive they turn their back to people and don't help. So, the student body.


The thing that sets GV apart from the other schools that I applied to is it's location. I applied to Ferris State University in Big Rapids and when I got there, the campus was right in the middle of the city and it wasn't anything special. I also applied to Michigan State Univerity and that campus is right in the middle of East Langsing. I don't think I would've done well in those situations. GV is in a safe, small township of Allendale with the bustling city of Grand Rapids only 10 minutes away.


Grand Valley is a very tight knit community. It is so easy to be involved on campus and find ways to boost your resume. Most students are very friendly and always willing to help with academics. The professors also are very adapt to helping students, insisting that they come to office hours with any questions. Grand Valley also places an emphasis on sustainability and leadership qualities, both of which fit what I was looking for in a school. The study abroad program is vast and Grand Valley highly encourages students to study abroad and obtain a more liberal education.


The student-teacher ratio is quite low for most schools with the same enrollment; which allows for students to make better relationships with their teachers.


Its located close to a large city and the price is fair for the education that you recieve.


there are people my age. Everyone is goal orientated and has a social life. Not everyone is into drinking or drugs. College is a time for memorable experiences and the one I was considering and went to was not.


Campus is beautiful and you feel safe while on it. Students are friendly and professors are great. Professors really care about you and if you are doing well as long as you show them that you are trying and giving your best effort. Most will help you and offer alternative ways to improve your grades if you are not doing well in thier class. School spirit is really big is huge and students are proud to wear their GV gear.


It has a small campus that allows students to get from one end to the other in a very short amount of time.


The liberal atmosphere is defiantly alot better than the other colleges that I was considering. There are more programs available through this campus and I found what I was more intrested in doing, than what I actually came here for.


Its got a heart for reaching the lost for Christ!


The campus is its own community, small, welcoming, and busy. The school is focused on both reseach and health fields. Anyone going into health care should attend Grand Valley because they are lokked upon very highly by surrounding hospitals and medical related grad schools. On campus there are tons of student organizations for students to get involved in. Organizations include many service and advocacy, sports teams, and cultural organizations.


It is a small campus, large population with a wide range of people and activities but a small feel to make you feel at home.


The most unique thing about Grand Valley is that every time you are on campus you always see people that you know and can say, "Hi" to. It's nice to have that 'friendly comfort' every time you step foot on to our campus.


Beautiful campus.


Grand Valley State University is focused on preparing students for future jobs by incorporating a rigorous curriculum of over two hundred areas of study, with an enjoyable atmosphere of over two hundred and fifty clubs, sports, and groups. Laker athletics succeed any school in the country with regional and national championship awards. The campus is nestled in its own eco-friendly community, located in a small town. Just ten minutes away, students can enjoy the thrill and excitement of downtown city life. Grand Valley State University is the school to attend for advancements in our society's shifting future.


The carrers options they offer here are very good




It was close to home. Its also near a big city, while the campus is in a smaller city.