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What's unique about Grand Valley is the expense of tuition. Out of all the schools that I considered Grand Valley was the school that had one of the best programs, but it also had one of the lowest tuition prices. In this economy students need to not only go to school, but also work to pay for it. The cost of tuition is always in a students head when they choose a college.


We have many different art pieces on campus.


Grand Valley State University stuck out the most because of the small classroom sizes, one on one action with my professors and on top of all that the campus is small. These things became pivotal when it came down to making my decision for college. I loved the fact that my professors would know me personally, and that I will be taught in a small class containing thirty to forty people instead of a hundred too four hundred students. I also loved the fact that I wouldn't get lost around campus. Grand Valley fit me perfectly.


Grand Valley is the smallest school I applied to. It has a beautiful, small, campus which makes walking from class to class an easy task. It is not a "party" school and it's occupants all seem to genuinely care about their education first and foremost. I wanted to attend a school where I knew I would put my education first, and I wanted to be sure that my surrounding peers were just as dedicated as I.


The unique thing about GVSU is that it is good size. It's not too small where we are all packed in but not too big where you have to ride a bus to get to class. I like that it's only a ten minute walk to get from one side of the campus to the other. If you are on crutches, you can simply get a ride on a golf cart to class.


Outwardly, my school has one of the most beautiful campuses I have yet seen. Academically, it has an extensive Hospitality & Tourism Management program with faculty & staff members who go out of their way to ensure the success of their students; not to mention it is quite an enjoyable program to be a part of with countless opportunities presented to the students for career/life advancement.


You'll either hate it or love it here. GVSU is one of those universities where if you don't fit into the majority, you are going to have to take control and tailor GVSU to you. Don't let that discourage you though! I'd love to see some students come to GVSU and help break up the cliques and make our campus home to more diverse people/personalities.


It's is remote and has large green areas and has a beautiful campus. The people are very friendly and class sizes are very small, making it very easy to develop relationships between faculty and students which opened up many opportunities for me


Grand Valley is one of the most innexpensive 4-year universities in the state. They have an excellent Engineering program and the location was convienient.


You'll either hate it here, or love it. It's all about what you put into it. I hated it at first, but as I get more involved, I like it more. You have to take control of your life though--otherwise you'll be bored/ignored/pushed around.