Grand Valley State University Top Questions

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Open, nice facilities, clean


The location. It was the only school in West Michigan close to my residence.


Grand Valley is definetly not a party school. Although the school itself is pretty liberal, the community of Allendale is somewhat conservative. Campus security is very strict about underage drinking, creating an environment based almost entirely on learning rather than partying- unlike many other universities. Some students complain that GVSU is not a party school, however that is one of the things I happen to like about it. I enjoy having fun just like any other college student, but I consider grades and education my top priority.


Though our campus is out in the counrty, we are vary close to a big city and students can easily access many resources. Our school is very environmentally firendly and very liberal causing it to be different then others.


My school is unique because there are thousands of student with different cultures and backgrounds that are accepted for being themselves. The professore really look out for you and are really understanding about papers and grades. When I'm there I feel accepted though I don't have as much money as other students. The coursework is fine and the classes are small. You get more of a one on none relationship with the teacher.


The most unique thing about GVSU is how new the campus is. Most buildings on and off campus are less than 10 years old. Another thing that is unique about this school compaired to the others i applied for is that it focuses on a liberal education.


I feel that GVSU is unique because the professors seem to care whether or not you are learning. This factor has made me appreciate choosing GVSU over a larger school like Western or MSU. Not only are the majority of my professors available to talk about problems in class, but they offer their spare time to help with other projects (like reviewing application essays or portfolios). Also, having created relationsihps with professors who know me by name is very helpful when letters of recommendation are needed.


Grand Valley is different from the other schools (UofM and MSU) that I applied for because it isn't in a college town, it's very close to Grand Rapids, where internships are available. Grand Valley is different because of the split campuses between Grand Rapids and Allendale, providing students two very different environments to live in and call home. This is great for students who want to find the place they fit in.


Small class sizes. Awesome football team. Professors who have had jobs in the field they teach.


There's a lot more green, natural space here. It has a small town feel in many ways, unlike the other universities I looked at.


Grand Valley is very focused on educating their students on understanding what a liberal education is and helping them to achieve that. The mission here is to educate students to shape their lives, their professions and their societies. They offer many courses to help with this. Plus, there is much diversity in every classroom. Students learn about other's cultures and ideas based on their interactions with them in classes. The student life on campus offers a wide variety of activities for the many different interests of the students.




Not sure


Cleanliness and quality of dorms compared to others


My school is simply amazing. From the time I stepped foot on our campus I knew this was where I wanted to spend the next 4 years. I love the atmosphere ... everything is so new and beautiful. The people are friendly, the class sizes are increibly small for having 24,000 students and average class sizes of under 30. There are a variety of program options available in case you change your mind, which I did! We are also one of the lowest cost schools in the state and I feel the best one out of all :)


What I find unique about my school compared to other schools is that there are two campus. One is located in a smaller town while the other is located downtown in the city. I like that there is the option of where I can live and gives me the opportunity to experience the city life.


There are not very many cliques. Everyone seems to get along with everyone and there is a huge amount of school spirit.


It has great programs in the medical field and business, which appealed to me very much.