Grand Valley State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College is a wonderful opportunity to see what you are capable of becoming. Don't waste it. It is so important not to let fear make your decisions for you, and the easiest and safest route are not always the best for you. Challenge yourself and take a class that stretches you and challeges you. Get involved in at least one extracurricular activity, getting through school as fast as you can shouldn't be your main objective. Joing thse groups will give you a chance to meet new people and do things you didn't know you were capable of. You will meet your future husband your first year and will want to spend every minute with him, but don't forget your friends. The friends you make in school will help you get through your classes and challenges, and they will be your friends for life. Finally, don't let fear get in your way. Fear of failure, fear of being laughed at, fear of doing something wrong, fear of doing something new; all of these things can get in your way and you will miss some wonderful opportunities where you least expect it.


Dear High School Me, You do not have to go to college straight out of high school. It is ok to take some time to get to know yourself, your skills and your preferences, to help you make the decision on how you can best serve the world. Do not go to college until you want to be there. Do not go to make someone else happy or to conform with what others expect of you. If you do, you will not do your best to apply yourself and it will affect your college career later. On the other hand, do go to college when you realize it is what you want for yourself and you know it will help you to be who you are designed be. Do appreciate others who help you in pasying for college or supporting you in other ways to reach your potential. And realize that college is a privilege, not a right, and how fortunate you are to be able to be there. Sincerely, With Age Comes Wisdon Me


Don't get a credit card, it is just not neccessary and you are much too young, and lets not forget you are horrible with your finances as it is. Don't be a work-a-holic, making money is great but it means nothing when you are still doing the same thing five years later with nothing to show for it. Sleeping is a wonderful thing, even though you are young and your body can bounce right back with minimal sleep your brain is not as effective and thats the one that matters. Don't try to focus on finding friends or finding a boyfriend, ninety percent of the people you meet won't matter to you by the next semester. It really isn't "cool" to do poorly, thats what the dumb kids say to make themselves feel better. You can be the one that screws up the curve so aim for it. Don't try so hard to please everyone, make sure your life is in order before bending over backwards to help someone out.


If I could advise my younger high school senior self, the biggest piece of advice I would give is to not let so much time pass before pursuing a college degree. I was hesitant to enter college because there were so many career paths that I was considering and didn't want to spend time or money on a path that I would not use and so I waited for several years. However, I now encourage recent graduates to at least attend a school to complete the general education requirements while those concepts are "fresh". Going back several years later and having to re-learn math concepts, science terms, and writing techniques that I knew but then forgot makes the process more challenging and also takes longer as sometimes remedial classes are required to be ready for the college level courses. I was also hesitant to enter college because I was frankly afraid of failure. I would tell my younger self that college is not something to fear because there are services available, teachers willing to help, and fellow students willing to encourage you the every step of the way.


If the ability to travel back and time and talk to myself as a senior was a real possibility, thankfully there is not much advice I would give. None the less, I would have a couple important suggestions to make, such as taking A.P. classes. As a senior I was hesitant to take more than A.P. Calculus, but after being successful in the course I regretted not challenging myself more. Another idea I would preach to myself is too be more involved in sports. I was captain of the football team, and I felt it necessary to give up all other sports to be the best player I could be. Finally the most important advice I would lend is to remain reserved in situations that are of little importance to me. A high school’s social environment is that of intrusion and curiosity, and sometimes the best approach is to remain restrained.


Don't go into the honors college. It's not worth it. Though the dorms are awesome, you'll have a much better time in the regular college. Try to relax and fit some fun in. It's all going to work out just fine.


I would go back and take a chemistry course. I took a biology course in college and it also included chemistry, and that was tough because I did not take that in high school. Thank you


It can be difficult to open up to new people and when you go off to college you are usually surrounded by new people, so the biggest piece of advice I would give would be to let people in and develop those lasting friendships. They are what will get you through all the stress of school and the change of uprooting yourself and moving somewhere totally new. Second, as cliche as it is, I would say get involved as much as possible...but instead of trying to join every club on campus, pick a few that you really enjoy and excel in them and try to become more than just a member, it looks better on your resume and its amazing how much it can supplement your education. Lastly, I would say take school very seriously and do your absolute best, not being afraid to ask for help. But with that, don't let school become your life...there is a lot more to college than just school and it is important to have memories beyond just exams and cool experiments you did in class. Most every day to the fullest...those 4 years will go by fast!


If i could magically go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, i would tell myself to choose a school based on what they offer, and the kind of people they attract. Obviously every school has fraternities and sororities, clubs, and sports, you want to pick the thing that sets the school you're pondering apart, and that is the academics and the people. Avidly research and know what what you want to do with your life because going to school and paying thousands of dollars, whether it's your own money or parents money, it's too much money to just throw away while you take pointless, random classes just for the heck of it. If you're unsure of where you want to go and what you want to do, take a year off from school to explore yourself and what you love to do. It's not looked down upon, honestly, it's better to do that than to waste money like i said before.


I have often thought about how different my college life would be if I could go back and tell my high school self several things. I would tell myself that since I had not chosen a major yet to stick with general education courses instead of attempting to specialize in something and wasting time and money on something I'm not interested in. I would have also immediately gotten involved in extracurriculars instead of waiting for my second year. I met almost all of my friends in extracurriculars, like dance troupe and intramural volleyball. I would also have considered spring/summer class as a way to diminish my course load during the school year. I would tell myself that as a freshman in college not to wear pajama pants to class or get really dressed up on the first day. I would tell myself that I do not need to feel stressed out all the time about choosing my major or making friends. College is really fun, but time management is key to keeping your grades up! You may never realize how important grades might be in the future!


Grand Valley has given me a hands-on, practical education in Engineering. The upper level professors are genuinely interested in students' success, and I owe much of my own personal growth to a few select professors. I have learned both the theoretical background such as advanced mathematics and thermodynamics and also have had stong hands-on learning though group projects and laboratories. Not only did these group projects reinforce the theoretical knowledge, but has helped prepare me for real life project management and working as a team. I have learned that a good engineer will have to have the theoretical background, but will also have to have the 'soft skills' and be familiar with the politics of working with a team. Grand Valley purposefully creates academic situations which simulate real life situations and prepares students to excel in their field. Grand Valley also requires a minimum of three semesters of internships with real companies in the area before graduation as well as an in-depth senior project for a local company, which I am looking forward to in a few months. I strongly believe that my personal sucess at my current internship is due to the solid curriculum at GVSU.


So far, I have learned so much information that I never imagined myself learning. I took a few electives that I wanted to take and figured out what I want to do in my life. I met so many new people and made great friends. I have members of the faculty that I know I can always count on. There are always fun activities to do on campus and I love it here.


It was a warm day in August—my second day of college, and I hadn’t touched a soccer ball in three months. My body ached to get back into the game, so when my friend asked if I wanted to go play soccer, I excitedly said yes. As we approached the dome, I realized we would be playing on Astroturf, something that I was familiar with from playing soccer games throughout my life. However, the more we played the more I wished I could be outside; instead, I was running on concrete. After we had played for a while, someone accidentally passed the ball over my head, and as I quickly turned around after it, I felt my knee pop. I collapsed. My leg was locked into place and my friends helped me off the field. The pop was so loud my friends urged me to get an MRI right away. The next day as I crutched into Freshmen Orientation, my doctor called to inform me that I had torn my ACL and meniscus. Through this experence I leared how to be on my own and take care of myself where before my parents had always helped me everything.


From my college experience so far, I have learned to get along with and interact with people of a variety of ages, races, religions, and social statuses. I have learned how to get to know complete strangers and how to communicate well with others. I have learned to consider the views of others and become well informed about the subject at hand before making any judgments or decisions of my own. Also, I have learned how to use various resources and problem solving techniques to approach different problems and challenges in my life as well as in my schoolwork. It has been very valuable for me to attend college because I can apply my knowledge and experience in the future, at home, at work, and even in school. I hope that my experience at Grand Valley State University helps me develop into the person that I aspire to be; a hard-working, honest accountant, a respectful young woman, a loving wife and mother, and an asset to my community.


By attending Grand Valley State University I have gained a better understanding of who I am and what I want out of life. After my sophomore year I planned on transferring school because I felt as though I didn't fit in here. I then realized that college wasn't completely about fitting in, it's about finding a few friends that will be with you the rest of your life and then working hard to accomplish the goals you have for yourself. After contemplating switching majors i realized that doing the one thing I loved, even though it took a ton of effort and lost sleep, was so much better than an easy major that I would hate the rest of my life. I have gained the knowledge that whatever I do in life I have to work at with all my heart and I have to love what I'm doing. If I follow both of these rules, even if I'm not successful by worldly standards, I will be the version of successful that matters to me, being happy while doing what I love.


My experience at college has been lifechanging. The people I've met and wonderful friends I've made during my first semester here will continue to have a truly positive impact on my future. The entire outlook on life and my priorities have been completely revamped because of the experiences I have had at college. I can say that I am much more focused, diligent, determined, and resolute than I was before attending my university. Never before had I felt such passion to seek programs that would help me to develop my skills as a leader and to serve my community. I am currently working to raise money for Canine Companions for Independence. This previous year my fraternity raised $12,000 in funds for the Chicago-based organization and we are working very hard to raise $16,000 this year. I am proud of who I am, moreso than I ever had been in the past. Attending a university has changed me in so many ways, and I couldn't have chosen a better school to attend. I am wholeheartedly excited to see where my future takes me and what great success I will achieve with my newfound ambitions.


I have only been in college a little longer than a semester and already I can tell that in order to get ahead in life you need to be dedicated and willing to work hard. Unless you are a genius or a super athlete nobody is going to just hand you a fat paycheck and great job security. College is where a student can make themself more competitive in the job market by expanding their arsenal of life and specialized skills. Not everybody is as fortunate as I am to be writing this in a dorm room at a pretty respectable institution and I understand that what I have is a blessing. Any financial aid will help me continue on my journey to a degree in mechanical engineering. Engineers are all about solving problems to make life a little bit easier for the rest of the world, so if the world could help me out a bit in a time of need, I would be more than happy to dedicate my life to engineering a brighter future.


I will have several job offfers when I graduate.


College has been a great value to me because I have learned skills that have helped me in daily life. I learned how to think outside the "box" and solve problems in more creative ways. There is more than one solution even when things seem darkest. Right now, as I prepare to transfer to a 4 year university, I am struggling with finding the money to stay in school. My college experience has prepared me for the real world far more than any other obstacle in life.


I just started here at Clark College and so far I really like going to this college, the people here are extremely helpfull and positive people. I don't think I've ever been around so many positive people . the campus is on a 100 acres and the lay out of the school is very well designed. All the teacher's are very smart and very helpfull. I think it has been valuable for me to attend, so I can keep getting my education and meeting new people of all ages. To be honest it's like a hole differt world.


I have gotten a good basis to go out and develop a career in engineering. Since I like science and math I have really enjoyed all of the interesting things that I have been able to learn about the world that we live in.


Since I have been at Joliet Junior College, I have been able to create works of art that I never thought I could create or even think of. I had decided when I entered college to get an Associates Degree in Art, but I didn't have any confidence in my artistic abilities because I only took 1 art foundations class in High School. But with alot of hard work, thinking, patience, art supplies and 3 semesters later, I am confident in my artistic abilities now more than ever, and I am proud that say that i am an Artist.


College is one of the most fascinating and valuable investments I have ever made. It taught me about diversity and responsibility and to be an adult. One of the most important experiences I have gained from college is learning to coexist with people who are different than me. I went into college with a narrow view of the world around me. Now, I am more of a participant rather than a viewer of society. I can be more of a team player instead of the proverbial island. A higher education has also helped me to grow personally, in a way that would have otherwise been impossible. Because of college, I am more mature and responsible. I learned to appreciate the help and counseling I received in high school and lower grades. My preconceived idea of college led me to believe it would be similar to my experience in high school, but now I know better. When I started attending college, I had to make my own choices and follow through with responsibilities such as homework that I needed to do. I am ready and confident to take on the challenges I face after college and live life to the fullest.


My college experience has been a very good one so far. When you come to college a person learns a lot about ones self. A person also learns how to become a young adult. While in college you don't have your mom or dad come around and say "do this or do that". You have to fight your own battles and don't have the security of your house or parents under there when you get in trouble. By far the best thing about being in college is that you learn about different situations and how to handle them as an adult. Also learn the fine line between work and play.


The experience is one of a kind. The descovery to your future can be found in this place. Although it takes time, hard work and money, at the end it will pay off.


My college experience has been intresting. I have learned so much about myself and my family. In high school I was not elidgible for scholorships that were presented to me, yet my parents were considered making to much money for financial aid, however they couldn't afford to send me to school out of pocket. My great aunt however, having no children of her own, stepped up and has been paying for my school since then. I am hoping to make things a little bit easier for her. Attending college and having her pay for it, has made me want to work even harder in school so she does not feel as if she is wasting her time. I have learned how hard of a worker I can be when I put my mind to it.


I have made new friends and attainded an excellent education so far. It is not only worth all of the knowledge and the degree I am going to get, but Grand Valley has also helped me become a better person that is more involved in things outside of the classroom. It has also taught me important skills that will help me in many other areas of my life, such as research and study skills.


I have learned many new ideas about college. I realized that is important to get a college degree in order to be successful. My college experience is very interesting because I have seen the world in my mind. Even though I have not traveled the world actually but reading the books and seeing the pictures that are in the books… I have seen the world. I also know it is important to get an education because in this world there are limited jobs available. The value that I have gotten from attending college is that I am learning more about life and what is expected from me to be a success. When attending college a person learns that their beliefs have to be placed aside in order to learn different aspects of life. I am very grateful that my college gives me the chance to be a part of student agriculture. I am experiencing things that most people will not have a clue about unless they attend school. It is best to know much as possible in the world and college is opening up new insight. The greatest value is to make my family proud.


Even though I am only a freshman at Grand Valley State University, I'v learned a great deal about my life and what I want to do in my life. When came to G.V.S.U I thought I wanted to be a computer programmer, but as I took my first class here I realized that I want to be on more of the business side of computers. Being a student and a football player here at Grand Valley has proven to be difficult. It has showed me how valuable my time is and not to waste it because I will not be able to get my homework done. This college has taught me how to leave my comfort zone of home, and go out into the world to meet new people and experience life without my family. I believe for this reason alone that G.V.S.U is such a valuable school to attend because they have many clubs that you can get involved in to meet many different kinds of people. I have realized being able to communicate with different backgrounds of kids other than yourself is vital if you want to succeed in the workforce.


In the last 2 years of collge. I learnt to be more independent and also I learnt more about our society. Things such as how to get alone with people and how to plan ahead of my time. I started to approach new things. Classes like communication, Ethics. They've shown me a new perspective towards the world. I am also a math and Chinese tutor at school. Education is somewhere I always considered going into, this helps me practice my teaching skills, and I love working with people and help them solving all kinds of problems. The education is actually worth something. I can feel that I can use the terms we talked about in class in the real life and feeling intelligent. Especially, as an international student, I learnt to live without the shelter of my parents. I want to be able to make the most of my life. Even though, starting to feel the pressure of reality. I still Love life. I learnt to appreciate things that are happening around me everyday. In one words, Bad things happen, but life is still AWSOME!


The college experience has been very valuable to me. I have learning so much, even in my first semester of school and I am really impressed with that. Everything I am learning and doing has a purpose and I can see how it will help me in my career and throughout the rest of my life. College has also helped me to learn some valuable skills; time management, hard work, and dedication. It has been so valuable for me to have decided to attend Grand Valley State University because the things that this Unversity teaches are so important and I think that every University should aspire to be like this. I would never change my mind about going here because I know that Grand Valley will give me all of the skills I need to be a great nurse and a great person overall. I value my education very much and Grand Valley is helping to make all of my dreams for the future a reality.


I am a cult survivor, after escaping a mind-controlled environment the most valuable skill I have learned in college so far is critical thinking. I really needed to be taught to think for myself, and learn how to make an informed decision based on research from many different angles. I have used this skill in the healing process to sort out my own personal worldview and spirituality. Also in the process of self-discovery I have learned what I am passionate about, or what I want to do with my life. My personal goal is to be a curator in an art museum. I want to preserve art for future generations and teach the value of art expression for our posterity. Attending college has been an invaluable growth experience for me, and I am applying writing and communication skills now. I hope to continue to use my college experience to learn more about the world that I do not understand.


i worked as a part-time teacher. i taught many younger students who have some kinds of difficulties in learning some subjects. my dream is to be a teacher in the future.Being a teacher is a sacred profession. i think if i can help them with my efforts, it 's worth doing it . Help other is helping youself.


By going to college, I have meet many great friends who I hopefully will be able to keep for life. I am also getting a degree, which will allow me to go far in life, giving me more opportunities to succeed in life.


So far i have leaned a ton in my college experience, not just in the classroom but about myself. when you are pushed to the limits both acadmically and mentally you learn some hard truths about yourself and the way you handle pressure and stressfull situations. I think that learning how to plan my days and time time management . Learning how to meet and be outgoing with people is also a valuable thing to learn


I chose to attend Grand Valley State University for my undergraduate studies as I was extremely interested in receiving a well rounded education in the Liberal Arts program offered there. In preparation for a successful graduate education and in addition to an education in the arts and humanities, I have undergone the process of creating a solid foundation in the biological and physical sciences. By undertaking a demanding course load to fulfill a Biology degree with a Pre-Veterinary emphasis, Chemistry minor and Honors courses at GVSU, I have developed both effective scheduling and problem solving skills. By attending Grand Valley I have had the opportunity to meet a diverse plethora of students from around the world and have had the chance to participate in volunteer opportunites to help out my community. The majority of professors at GVSU are helpful and encouraging and have supported me in my journey to successfully achieving my degree.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. I feel it is a very valuable school even though it only has about 25,000 students. It is continuing to change and grow every year.




I have learned how to manage my time more wisely in college. I have built lifelong relationships with my fellow students and with even my professors. I have been able to create more healthy eating, study, and sleep habits. College has been valuable to attend because I have truly discovered what type of person I am to become. I have found my strengths and weaknesses and I am always striving to improve or better myself.


I have only been at college for a year, but I have gotten many life lessons as well as great experiences from my college experience. My first year in the dorms was hard due to how easy it was to get distracted from my roomates and other students living there, however, it was probably the best thing I've ever experienced because I met so many people that will be life-long friends and will eventually help with networking after graduation when I begin my career search. This university has taught me that college is not all about the party, but that school is like a full-time job and you must take it seriously. I am very proud of myself on my achievements thus far and am looking forward to see what I can do to grow even more throughout the rest of my college experience!


My college experience has not been a generic one. I began college at Michigan State University. While I was there for one semester, it just did not feel "right". There was something that was not fitting about that campus. When I switched to Grand Valley at semester, I found not only another college, but a home. Grand Valley was warm and welcoming. The people there helped me learn that not everyone is cut-throat when it comes to their future and being best. I've learned that cooperating with others to acheive a goal is sometimes better than being "number one" and beating everyone. I have also learned to get over my small town mindset, thinking that my problems are the biggest and worst. My problems are nothing compared to most people and especially compared to the conflicts in the world. College has taught me a lesson that most people never learn: I am not the most important person in the world and my problems will not stop the world from spinning. I have finally learned to put others above myself.


College has given me a sense of responsability that I did not know in high school. The transition from high school to college was a difficult one for me. After I finished my first year, I realized that I needed to be a lot more resposible with my work and take my classes a lot more seriously. I've learned that in college you have to be ready to do things on your own. The instructors are not going to be giving out chances as they might have in high school. Also the instructors are not as flexible, you must always be able to meet deadlines. For me, the college expirience has been difficult and stressful, but as I go into my second year, I now realize what I need to do in order to be more successful and have the type of grades I know I can have. I value the first year because it was a learning expirience and it allowed me to realize what it takes to be successful in college.


I have not yet attended but I have been there many times visiting and because my sister went there. I would ask her and her friends what they would love best about the school and they would talk on and on about everything. How nice the professors are and how they'll actually do one on one time with you if you need it instead of how other universities the professor leaves you stranded and expects you to learn everything yourself. I've seen the dorms and they're well kept and a large size fully equipped with air condidtioning and heat, the people there are all very friendly and it's the perfect place to be, I couldn't imagine attending another college.


During my stay at the community college I attended, I not only recieved strong skills and teaching tools in the music education field, but also myriad life lessons from astounding teachers and faculty in the music department. I learned more than just how to play instruments and what music is; rather, I learned how to really teach and reach out to my future students. The true value in my experience there is in the sharing of personal experiences of the teachers who went through the problems I will face in the future. I listened to the mistakes and successes accomplished by these professionals and took their advice and tips so as to not make the mistakes and make myself a better teacher. However, what is more important, is make the experience for my future students in music be as valuable and entertaining as it was for me when i was in their shoes.


My college experience has made me realize who I am as a person. For example, while attending college I became apart of GVSU's Women's Swim Team. I thought this would be good because I would meet new people and have a great time competiting, but I didn't expect the amount of peer pressure to drink and party. This peer influence was a test on who I was as a person and my morals. I thought about the consequences of my actions if I were to do what everyone else was doing, and I realized that it wasn't worth the risk. I chose not to party or drink and as a result I wasn't always accepted by some of the swimmers on the team. It was hard for a few months, but I worked very hard on my grades and focused on swimmming. As a result, I maintained the Dean's List for both the fall and winter semesters, made it on the GVSU National Swim Team, and earned the respect of more of the swimmers. Overall, the experience was valuable because I learned to never to change who you are for others.


I've learned that college is the preparation for life, almost like highschool. No one is there to hold your hand and say what path you should be taking in your life. College will always be there to better yourself by continuing to achieve your future career expectations. Personally, I've learned that you must put your best foot forward even when you feel like you fell short in your education. There is still a chance for you to come back no matter what age you are. Although, their is a chance to do so don't waste your finances on something you're not sure of pursuing. My experience was triumphantly a bittersweet educational experience of exploring who I am as a student as well as a person.


I love to work with animals and the program I am taking is letting me do just that. I learn so much in the past 6 weeks of attending the school. I've learned how to be more productive and how to manage my time.


I have gotten a well rounded education so far and I am starting to be able to tell how everything fits together. I want to be an accountant and I had to take a philosophy class. I did not understand why I would have to take this class since it has nothing to do with accounting, but to my unbelief it did relate to accounting. It related because I had to learn about ethics and a topic I wrote on was business ethics and it fit perfectly with accounting on why it is wrong to embezzle money and why it is wrong to make it seem like the company is doing fine, when it is really going bankrupt, like with Enron. I still am not a fan of taking some of the general education classes, but I know they will make me a more rounded person and I am already beginning to see the results.


I never needed college to find myself or to make lifelong friends. I came in for a college degree. What I have actually gotten so far is an experience that has not defined me exactly, but has assisted in the process. Being a student is fantastic, and being surrounded by my peers is amazing. Living on campus has been part of my positive experience. In college I am exposed to students from all over the world and all over the US, and there are people from such different backgrounds than my own. I would likely never have had this kind of interaction because as we beome older, it becomes difficult to find opportunities to be around people drastically different from ourselves. I am here ultimatly for my education, but as Mark Twain said "never let school get in the way of your education." Had i attended a community college or a less active campus, I would still get my degree and probably be just fine. However, at Grand Valley, I have been able to learn on a whole new level, from programs, lectures, and diversity offered on my campus.


While attending college, I believe I have been able to open my eyes to the world around me. Growing up in a small town, which went by the name of Oakville with only about 800-1000 people included, I never really realized what the world had to offer. Experiencing the world of a college student, I have been able to meet new people, open up to others as well as be surrounded by students just like me in their purse to concur their educational goals. Community college is my stepping stone which will lead to the University of my Dreams. Centralia community holds value to me, for it has offered tremendous help in my education path which has helped me to get where I am today. College is the key to success which I will fulfill to my fullest until my goal is reached.