Grand Valley State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known that drama doesn't leave you past high school and that living with 4 girls in a two bedroom apartment just will not work. I wish I would have known how people were going to react to the fact that I'm a Catholic and have strong beliefs in my faith.


That you did not have to live in freshman housing, even if you were a freshman.


the medical programs are very competative


Before coming to the school, I wish that I would have spent some time talking to an advisor about scheduling classes. The advisors are readily available, and if not available in person they quickly respond to emails. I was very much wrapped up in everything else about college that I did not take the time to talk to an advisor, as recommended, before scheduling my classes. Although my classes were very interesting my first semester, I could have been much wiser in choosing a class schedule that better fits my degree requirements.


I wish I had known that I was going to change my major. The whole experience would have been a lot easier had I known that my first career choice and I weren't a good match. I wish I would known, and accepted, what I was truly passionate about and gone for that career, instead of allowing others to convince me it wasn't a good choice for me, because of the lack of availability in jobs.


I wish I had known that the main campus is in Allendale because the university made it sound like it was right downtown in Grand Rapids. There is a campus downtown, but it's not the main campus and I didn't know that until I came to visit.


About all the general education requirements! I wish someone, would have told me that even though this school is on the larger side(around 25,000 students) we still have the feel of a small campus with regards to class size.


I think I wish I wouldv've known the amount of activities available so I could have been a little more involved. I also think the resources available also get overlooked.


I wish I could have the known the amount of respec that the professors and the other students at GRand Valley have for you. They all encourage you to do wel and o have the best experience you can!


I wish I had known how easy using the bus transit system is. I was so afraid to use it for most of my first year, but it's so convenient and free! It's easy to take the Rapid bus system between the Allendale and downtown Grand Rapids campuses, and most of the buses are brand new hybrids and it makes me feel so good to be able to contribute to saving the environment. Nothing to be afraid of at all!


That my highschool had not prepared me as much as I thought it did.


I wish that I would have purchased a macbook instead of a gateway because the gateway has given me many troubles to date. Nothing about the school, I am completely satisfied with Grand Valley State University.


That some of the professors really don't teach well - at all.


At first I wished that I had known that this is a school that enforces liberal education. Now that I look back at the three years I spent here i'm glad that they do because it lets you explore your options and become more versitile as a person.


I wish I had known that the weekend here we going to be boring.