Grand Valley State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


All of the opportunities my advisor has set me up with!


When I talk to my friends about my school the thing that I talk about the most is the broad learning experience. Each major has courses designed specifically for that discipline, but they also structure the major in a way that makes you broaden your horizens and give you a more complete education.


Having the Pew campus right downtown Grand Rapids, and the Allendale campus only about ten miles away, it makes for a lot of fun opportunities outside of the university.


Grand Valley State has the friendliest people in one whole area. Surrounding oneself with people who are kind hearted and supportive is key to exceling in college. I am proud to say that the people are GVSU make me feel welcome and cared for. It could be the smallest gesture, like a smile from a stranger passing by or a helping hand while walking to class. GVSU has people who care about others and are not afraid to show it. I never feel alone walking around campus because I am greeted repeatedly with a kind face and a warm smile.


I brag about the extracurricular activities and opportunities to participate as a collective student body, rather than just an individual, with community service activities, intramural sports, and many other organizations.


the teachers are extremely knowledgeable of each subject I've taken. They have a ton of diverse clubs and sports that appeal to different students' interests.


During the first few years of my undergraduate studies, I was heavily involved in campus clubs. During this time, I was elected Vice-President of the Linux Users Group, and then the next year, I was elected President of the Computer Science Club.


I tell them about the beautiful campus that my school has. We also have a huge amount of resources available, from many different places to eat on campus (with a variety of food!) to a huge library with every book you could imagine. The professors are, for the most part, great here, they really value the opinions of thier students. Also, if you have a problem with a certain professor, you can rate them at the end of the semester, and they receive your critiques, which is helpful for everyone!


I brag about the location of the campuses. They are easy to get to. There are a lot of options when it comes to tutoring at no cost.


I tend not to brag about my school because all of my friends talk about parties. Therefore I am left with nothing to brag about.


I like how clean and safe our school is. It is well landscaped and easily accessible at all times of the year. The education is personal.


The fact that is a big school and with high academic standards. Also very expensive to that matter and well herd of. Many students to interact, multiple activities, clean campus, excelent bus transportation. Teachers welling to teach and students get the education they are paying for. The location is convenient and well built. Very proud to be a Laker Blue!


I brag about basically everything at my school. For example, I brag about the general atmosphere being very friendly and accpeting. My school is very clean as well and moderately new. The food is delicious and available around campus. Mostly though, I talk about how, as a general whole, people are nice and not judgemental.


I brag about how GVSU has a friendly environment because of how appealing the bright colored flowers look while walking to class in the fall and how beautiful the frosted trees look in the winter. Also, I tell everyone about the compassionate professors that work to help their students accomplish their career goals through individual attention during office hours or during class. In addition, the organized activities that GVSU puts on their website for students to attend brings the students all together. From Laker Late Night to going to watch the team sports, there is something for everyone.


The financial aid staff at this school is the most efficient I've ever had. They are much easier to work with than lots of other colleges I've been to. The professors are also more caring about my education as well.


It's the second hardest school in Michigan to get into.


Majority of my friends are from my childhood in Chicago. When they ponder about life at GVSU, I tell them, "There is so much to do and so little time. This is academically and socially. My life feels complete" And it all makes sense to them when they calculate how many times I call; the world i live in is very fulfilling.


We are really great at sports, dominating teams in our leauges and competing for Division II championships


I would have to say the different site visits we get to visit to help see what we would be doing after we graduate. Also I would say that our teachers are pretty caring and are always there to help you out with your academics. Also, our sports teams are really good at our school.


How it's a liberal arts school with plenty of courses to selective from. Not only does it offer so much as of courses, but the school offers a great academic support which makes sure you succeed in your academic work. Unlike some school they will actually reach out to you offering to attend classes and get help to boost up your GPA. I would ultimately brag about the support the school offers making sure you're comfortable with the school and most importantly be successful in all the courses taken.


The programs


The setting of the school is unbelievable. The technology is the best around and the buildings are amazing.


What i brag most about is all of the nice people i meet and the organizations that I am a part of. I also "brag" about the work i do in class and out side of class.


My professors. I am an Exercise Science: Health and Fitness major and my professors are into making sure us students succeed. They are always providing us with conferences to go to, fieldwork opportunities and outside achievements we may be able to take part of to build our resume. They are easy to talk to and are willing to work with us to make sure we are getting what we need out of the class. My professors understand that some classes are harder than others or that I have a tougher week than other weeks are willing to accomodate the class.


The bus system during the week, and the food is pretty good, and its not too far from home. And I like the seasons, and it is not far from the beach


Our Sports program is the best in division 2 and we have some of the most highly rated programs of study in the nation.


A beautiful campus, awesome people, good sports


Dodgeball, Professors, Friendly


Grand Valley is not a big party school, so when you go to a party, you usually know most everyone there. This creates a perfect social atmosphere to meet others and socialize to really get to know the person. :)


That the classes are small, the teachers are available for help, and the on-campus activities are amazing.


Our football team. The amazing academics that are offered. The new facilities as well.


The small class sizes and the personal interactions you get with your proffessors. The campus set up is really nice, beautiful, and easy to get from one place to another within 10 minutes.


The quality of the housing and food, and the Honors college.


The beautiful campus and our amazing sports teams! Even though we're division ii, we're good. We also get free bus service and free printing on campus.


I am always sure to tell people about the wonderful setting- Lake Michigan Beaches, farms, and amazing downtown Grand Rapids all right outside your door! We also have a great atmosphere of young people who are very artistic and environmentally concerned, as well as a fantastic football team! Basically, anything that you want or are intersested in, you can find it at Grand Valley.


The class sizes, the new and updated facilities, and the view. There is a mix of nature and city here.


That it is really fun to be so close to Grand Rapids to enjoy the city life. And, as a freshman (or, when you live on campus), you have virtually the nicest housing possible...and great food!


That it is a great academic school, with a great football. A beautiful campus in the country but only a fifteen minuet drive from the city


I tell most of my friends that the school is very accepting and liberal so that I am not made fun of if I share my beliefs.


I like the atmosphere of the smaller school. I enjoy having classes of about 40 people or less.


I brag about the fact that GVSU is second in the state to only The University of Michigan when it comes to academics and that everywhere you look on Grand Valley's campus there are good-looking girls.


That it is a hard school to get into. It's the second hardest school to get into and is fairly priced. I feel like I am getting a lot for my money and am extremely proud that I go to Grand Valley.


Second highest freshman class GPA, after U of M. Soon, the second hardest school in the state to get into. Great food. beautiful campus. grand rapids is so close and there's lots to do. All our varsity sports make in to the post season. I always interact well with faculty. Starbuck's downtown!


How welcome and easy goig the professors.


quiet, interesting, beautiful, good classes


The class sizes are perfect, and the campus is absolutely beautiful. I like giving my friends the mental image of myself when I sit on the lawns with my computer or work in the sunny study rooms of the buildings. I also love how extremely eco-friendly our college is. Not many universities can brag about being in the top 25 most green campuses in America (according to Kaplan Publishing).


The quality of education. The education department especially the physical education department really has a large emphasis of thinking about the bigger picture. Many professors have tried to relay the message to us students that it is not about us, it never was about us, and it will never be about us. The students are the ones who deserve the focus. What?s best for them is best for us. This view is how I try to live my life.


Requirements for entering the school, sports, guy to girl ratio, and job placement after graduation.


My favorite thing to brag about is the friendliness of the campus. On my first visit, I was greeted by students and staff. They asked if I had any questions or needed anything. This continued on sequential trips. I always make it a point to talk to students who are visiting and making them feel welcome.