Grand Valley State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Grand Valley State University? Why?


GVSU lacks diversity.


The worst thing about my school is how much it costs to go there.


The thing I hate most about Grand Valley State University is the paper thin walls of the dorms! I'm only half joking, but in all seriousness there isn't many bad things I can think of. I can honestly say I don't have any major concerns. The only thing that comes to mind is that I can't understand some of the teachers because they have heavy accents. I have to teach myself certain lessons or concepts because I focused my time in class on trying to understand them.


At Grand Valley State University, I consider the bus commute between the two campuses, Allendale Campus (located in Allendale, MI) and Pew Campus (located in Grand Rapids, MI) to be the worst thing. Since my engineering classes are located at downtown GR and most general education classes are in Allendale, I must take the bus to travel between classes like many others. It would be more convenient for me as well as other students to have general education classes at Pew Campus instead of wasting half an hour to commute between the two campuses.


The worst thing about my school was the mixed messages they gave to Computer Science students, who were working in the dedicated CS lab. This was a place dedicated to exploring computers and networks, and we were encouraged to use and abuse the network. However despite this, if a student was too involved in this process, and was truely learning and exploring every aspect of the network, they would get reprimanded for breaking the rules.


The worst thing about Grand Valley is that it is a dry campus so everyone assumes that it is not a fun place to be, so most of the frehsmen leave on the weekends making it hard to meet people and interact with your classmates.


I'd say the worse thing is that the school waters the sidewalks and plants trees that smell awful in the springtime.


There really was no worse part about GV. Honestly, the school is a great environment for scholarship, friendship, and school spirit. In my opinion, the only improvement GV needs is to appeal to a more diverse community of African American and minority students.


I can hardly identify the "worst thing" about my school since I willingly choose to attend and pay for it every day, though I cannot say I actually like the price of attendance. Overall, it has been an incredibly valuable experience that I may not know the full value of till I have graduated and begun a career.


The worst thing about Grand Valley is that some of the biuldings are a little old and the heating and cooling can be the extremes. This can make it a hard learning environment.