Grand Valley State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Grand Valley has students who are kind in and out of the classrooms. People who want to attend GVSU should be individuals not only self intersted, but interested in the endevours of others. A big part of being in the real world is learning how to gain and use people skills. Let's face it, people are everywhere. There is no avoiding them. It is inevitable that we are going to have to interact with humans at some point. Grand Valley is a place where students can build people skills and learn to thrive and interact in a community.


Any kind of student can join this school. As a general population, this university is open to everyone, no matter what race, gender, sexual preference, religion etc. someone is. Also, there's something for everyone here, even those who might not have had a lot of friends in highschool. Here, anyone can find a group of individuals that enjoy the same things they do, even if you're shy or uncertain at first.


Anyone who is not afraid to be open minded should attend Grand Valley. It's a place you will hate to leave and love to visit. It's definitely my home away from home. The people make GV amazing.


I belive anyone has the right to attend GVSU. This college is liberal and really caters to everyone's needs and interests always having their students academic endeavors in mind.


Someone who is invested in their studies, doesn't mind being away from big city life and is used to making a lot of friends.


A hardworking student who is looking for excitement and a challenge should attend Grand Valley State University. If a person can be an advocate for themselves they will succeed and enjoy the college life at Grand Valley State University.A person who likes hands on activities and enjoys being active would also do well at GVSU. There are many intramurals and sporting events held on GVSU campus. If a person likes the city and the country, GVSU has two different campuses with a free bussing system so one can enjoy both city living and country living.


someone looking for a good value


Any type of person, my sister went here and every ethnicity/religion is welcome. I've seen every type of person just walking around the campus, no one stays segregated either. It's nothing like the asian people stay in one clique and than african americans are in another, it's a very warm welcome feeling like you're not stepping out of you're home it's just an addition to it.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who wants a liberal arts education and is willing to work their tail end off to become successful. This school is not for someone who wants to party every night because the teachers make you think critically and I do not think someone will be able to do that hungover and sleep deprived.


I attend the business school at GVSU. Students who are not ready for a vigerous work load should not apply. All the faculty has worked in the field they are teaching or have doctoral degrees. They expect a lot out of their students. Students who are another ethnicity that white should also apply. GVSU is a majority of middle class white students. This is only due to their location. It would be beneficial to the school and other students to have more diversity in the classrooms.


Anyone who is willing to get to know people on more than just a professional basis. Students and faculty alike enjoy talking and getting to know each other. Someone who enjoys campus life, or being out in public with a number of people you dont know at a social event. Someone who cares about getting a great education at a fairly affordable cost.


This school is a great for many different kinds of students. Grand Valley has an exceptional English program (the program that I am interested in), as well as very strong athletics, and a great social structure. As a transfer student, I was afraid that I would not fit in at Grand Valley, but within the first week of classes, I made friends, and even established myself within the classrooms. From the experiences that I have had, all types of students are accepted; there is not simply "one type of student" that would be welcome at GVSU.


A person who is focused academically and can handle the unpredictable weather!


Students who want to study and enjoy their friends instead of partying and skating by their classes will succeed the most here. There are numerous study programs and areas that can accomodate any type of student as well as activities a group of friends can enjoy when taking some time off.


Any person that wants to better themselves and earn a degree should greatly consider Grand Valley.


Those who enjoy a diverse atmosphere full of outgoing, fun people. This school does take pride in their athletic teams as well as their students academic success. If you're the type of person looking to make a difference or a mark somewhere and you want to do it with fun GVSU is your school. Not only are they a recognizable school, but a school that never stops having something to offer their students.


Since Grand Valley is in Western Michigan, it is a fitting school for someone that is very conservative. Though they are accepting of any and all religions and views, a more conservative person would feel more comfortable here.


Someone who is looking for a good liberal arts college where you can be assured that the professors will provide you with help when you need it


Someone who isn't looking for a huge party school. There's stuff going on during the weekends, but it isn't like there's huge parties every day of the week. There's a decent art/theater/music department here, but the biggest focus is on nursing, business, and education degrees.


One who is eager to learn and ready to work hard.


The type of person that should attend this school should be open-minded, hard-working and willing to try new things. I came from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and I thought that I would be treated differently because of it. Instead I found people from all over the world and willing to share their experiences with me. This is a great place for someone that wants something different and wants to experience something they're not used to.


Any person can attend this school. Even though campus is based in the relgious/conservative side of Michigan no one here is judged for being anything else. GVSU prides itself on being diverse. If you like to be in at a University that has small classes and is just a 10 minute drive from one of the biggest cities in Michigan then GVSU is for that person.


Anyone who wants a good education. I transferred here and feel that at Grand Valley you are challenged and receive an education on par with larger universities.


Any kind of person should attend this school. All are welcome and everyone is friendly.


People that are driven. Wnat to be socially involved. Get a grat education and have friends that are dependable.


A student who would like to receive one on one attention in the classroom and wants their views and opinions heard. This is a smaller school, and Grand Valley provides a liberal education, so be prepared to be taking courses you would never otherwise take. Be ready to be focused on a broader education level and that your interest will come first. Don't be afraid to stand up for change.


Someone who is focused on getting their degree because there is not too much else to do out here.


Someone who wants to have the whole "goi ng away to school" experience


Anyone looking for good preparation for the real world.


Someone tolerant of conservative attitudes, even if they hold liberal ones. Someone who wants a degree for a teaching, engineering, or medical career, or a technique driven education in art and design. Someone looking for a beautiful campus, luxurious dorms, and a place with a lot of special interest groups.


A person who is motivated to work and study hard in order to achieve their goals.


Not sure


If you are unsure what you want to do with your life, attend Grand Valley. We focus on liberal arts and our professors are more than willing to dicuss with you what you might want to do. Also Grand Valley is a very community oriented school.


I don't think that you have to be very studius to attend this school, maybe a social person


anyone interested in learning and willing to work hard to reach goals. anyone who wants a smaller classroom community and feel safe


Anyone who wants to?


A person should only attend this school if they are excited and serious about their education. And also a person that wants to get involved.


Grand Valley students are average students; in general they are not stuck up and they want a solid educations. Prospective students should be excited about the prospect of the on-campus community and be dedicated to their schoolwork. They should love to have fun, but there is not a lot of partying on campus, so if that is what someone is looking for in a college experience, they should be forewarned. Grand Valley is a traditional university with a beautiful campus and wonderful people -- anyone who wants to love their college should come here.


Any sort of person. Grand Valley is academically focused but is a liberal arts school. This means that students are encouraged to branch out and seek new subjects to learn about and broaden themselves. There are many activities, clubs, majors, minors, and programs to become a part of and anyone could find something they are interested in or that would strike their fancy.


A person who is driven, wants a close knit group of friends, and is determined should attend GVSU


A person who should attend GVSU should be a well rounded individual who has drive. A person who is self motivated, friendly and outgoing will suceed and make it far here. If the student were to have the desire to learn, and the persistance to push through they would find GVSU both rewarding and challenging. This person also needs to be willing to get invovled, make a difference, strive to better our world and be willing to open themselves up to new people along the way.


Science students, music students, and pre med/vet students


Somebody who doesn't like big classes and likes to be small like in high school.


The dedicated with career goals or those who wish to recieve a rigourous liberal education. The professor will provide the oppurtunity for growth if the student presents the desire.


Anyone who's looking for a great college experience: with smaller classes, great teachers, and excellent student clubs and groups. There is so much to do here the year just flies by. Grand Valley State has gives you the opportunities you need to succeed with the small school feel and community.


Any type of person should attend this school. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. There is a great atmosphere and just a great school all around.


GVSU's population consists of friendly, conservative students. Most are interested in having small class sizes and being able to develop professional relationships/connections with their professors. There are opportunities to get involved with lots of activities, so whether you are interested in sports, academics, extra-curriculars or Greek Life, there is something for everyone. The most important thing is to visit and see if you mix well with the student body. If the people around campus look like you, it's a good fit.