Grand Valley State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best aspects of my school are the resources and service opportunities available to me here. There are various programs available outside of the academics. There are counseling offices, offices for the Lesbian/Gay/Bi-sexual/Transgender/Questioning community, and other programs that extend to all gender, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. Also, I am very passionate about community service and my school hosts multiple events and service projects to get the student body involved. My school has a wide variety of resources that are very accessible to all, which make the transition into college easy and enjoyable.


Being a student athlete, I reiceived more help from my teachers and my coaches to do better in my classes. I couldn't imagine being a regular student and not having all the people helping me pass and do well in my courses. We always had academic advisors helping us stay on track and tutors available whenever needed.


I absolutely love the atmosphere here at Grand Valley State University! Everyone is working toward his or her own goals and support each other in theirs. The professors have been amazing lending any additional help so each dream can become a reality. It is truly a blessing to go to Grand Valley State University.


One of the best things about Grand Valley is how much it seems that everyone wants to help you to succeed. First off, all of the professors seem to nice and understanding. They are always willing to meet and work with you in order to get you the academic help that you are in need of. There are also tons of programs all over campus designed just to help students succeed. There are numerous tutoring, financial aid, and advising offices and everyone in them seems to know just how to help you.


The best thing about Grand Valley is that it is a larger school but it sort of has that small school feel. I believe that we have about 25,000 students, but our campus is not very large, and in saying that I do not mean that it is small and cramped either. The buildings are spead out evenly and it takes about 20-25 minutes to walk from one end to the other. There are plenty of side walks for the on-campus students and plenty of parking lots for the commuters.


Grand Valley has a strong commitment to student learning. Professors are teachers first, researchers second. The school maintains a "small school" close knit feeling despite have 25,000 students. Additionally, Grand Valley is consistently ranked LGBT friendly and Veteran friendly. There are also a multitude of services for students including a Writing Center, Research assistance, Speech Lab, Counseling Center, Tutoring, LGBT Resource Center, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Veteran's Lounge, and a Women's Center.


The best thing about Grand Valley is its trustworthiness. I can always count on the faculty members and fellow students for the best advice and information. There is not a single thing that I do not like about this school, I feel at home and I always feel safe.


I think the best thing about my school is the community. Everyone here is very welcoming and willing to help, and this applies to both students and faculty. I live in the dorms, and my living center is like a mini-family. We all get along really well and we do a lot of community events in our living community. The professors are really wonderful and are usually willing to help you with any questions or problems that you approach them with. I love how close everyone is and the atmosphere feels like home.


I appreciate the diversity in the students and faculty at this school. The professors are eager to help the students learn as much as possible.


The best thing about grand Valley is the various events and clubs. There is always something to do on campus all year round. There is a club for almost everything from school related to interest related. If there isn't a club for it you can make it. Everyone is encouraged to be theirselves and to share it with others.


How many resources GVSU provides for us, the fact that they are very concerned about our needs, and they really want to get better. Also, they focus on energy conservation and sustainability! Oh, and there are a ton of clubs. It keeps our campus more diverse, and it's easy to get involved.


I absolutely love the small class size, and the amount of time the professors spend in their office. It makes getting extra help extremely easy, and is very helpful. I love the the professors are always available, and if they're not in their office, they're always available by e-mail. The other thing i love is the location of this school. The scenary and greenery around the school is beautiful. I love taking walks around campus and enjoying the sights and smells.


The best thing about Grand Valley is the way the campus is set up. It is a small campus compared to others so there are not as many students, yet a top of the line education is still achieveable due to incredible staff and excellent student to teacher ratios. The faculty at GVSU are dedicated to teaching the students the skills they will need to go out into the world becuase they realize that one day we will be in charge. The D2 collegee experience is comfortable and yet still exciting.


The people and the amount of activities on campus. The people are great and GVSU is always throwing together different activities, movie nights, and specials at sports events.


The location and availability of different campuses. I love the small class sizes too.


The best thing about my school is the people and the teachers. The community at Grand Valley is very accepting and not descriminatory because a person comes from a different background or race. All the students and teachers try to help one another if anyone is in need. It is a caring atmosphere and cannot be matched by anyone.


Grand Valley has a beautiful campus that is fifteen minutes from the beach in the summer yet in the winter you get two feet of snow and can make snow angels. It's the best of both worlds, and the education programs I hear how amazing the professors and the classes are. Grand Valley is kept spotless and the buildings are all well kept, it has state of the art indoor tracks and weight rooms, big parking facilities. It's be easier making a list of what I don't like about the school.


I love the fact that it's has a bigger university feel in quality of education, but has a smaller campus so the student-teacher ratio is effectively 25-1.


There is a wide variety of things you can get involved in, and one thing that everyone takes part in is keeping our environment green by cleaning up and recycling.


Small classes with professors who actually care and want to get to know their students and help them in any way they can.


The best thing about my school is that there is so much we are involved in. I don't think anybody can be bored there, we have over 500 clubs people can join and help the community. If you don't like to praticpate, there always great performances and events people can enjoy also. We also have a great Study Abroad program which is mindblowing! Plus when it comes to classes, the proffesors are there to help you, they even have office hours where you can talk one on one with them, which is extermly helpful when your lost.


GVSU offers a variety of classes to its students. If you are interested in anything, there is a class for it. It is a great quality in a school.


Grand Valley offers a liberal arts education, meaning that you choose how and what you learn versus strict guidelines specific to your area of study found at most universities. All of Grand Valley's student services are free to all students, and will never cost anything as stated by the president.


Grand Valley State University has a significant amount of resources available to students. The fairly new to brand new facilities on this campus house resource centers and departments that provide great programs for students on this campus. It is up to the individual student to make the most out of their college experience. Grand Valley does a great job of making sure that opprotunity is available for everyone. It may not be obvious at all times but it is there for those who diligently seek chances to enhance their education.


The best thing about my school is the fact that they offer so many programs that it should appeal to almost anyone. It is located in a mainly rural area so in some ways, it is very peaceful even though thousands of students attend there.


The best thing about Grand Valley is the passion that the professors have for their subject. Each professor is really excited to be teaching their students about their specific subject, and it makes class a whole lot more interesting.


It has a small town feel while access to a large city is close by. This allows a safe atmosphere to learn in and an exciting night life


The best thing about my school is that they want there students to learn. If we need help with any subject, such as writing or math. We can go to the writing center to get help by staff and students or go to the math department and get help as well.


Grand Valley is a small town school with a big city feel. It is becoming more recognized in the state of Michigan for its academics and athletics. It has a top rated nursing school.


That it's located near a large metropolitan area (Grand Rapids), and part of the campus is located downtown, but for the most part it's located outside the heart of the city so there are things to do, but it's quieter around campus. All of the main campus (Allendale) is located in a group of buildings; you don't have to travel all over the city to get to you're classes.


The academic facilities are the best thing about my school. Grand Valley is constantly improving its buildings and updating its technologies to fit students' needs. Currently there are several buildings being constructed to house more freshmen and will contain more classrooms.


I don't think there is one thing I can say is the best. I love the Greek life, I'm keep involved with the school community. I love the location because I not stuck in a huge cities with tons of people and busy roads to cross. I like the people at this school.


The best thing about Grand Valley is that it has a strong community of people who aren't afraid to ask questions and speak out against what they don't believe in. In times of trouble students band together to voice their opinion.


I think one of the best things about Grand Valley State University is it's abundance of bachelor degree programs. There are several program and within each program they get more specific about what you actually what to do in life. These programs prepare you both academically and professionally by making sure you get out into the real world for a minimum of one semester. Because GVSU is such a diverse school, there needs to be that flexibility when it comes to major and minor programs and they do an awesome job on providing options.


I love the people here. Everyone I have met is extremely friendly, welcoming, and helpful.


The architecture and the way the school seems to fit into nature so well. It's built somewhat in the woods and the hills and the campus seems to roll and fit into the hills nicely. I think it's nice to be at a beautiful campus especially one that seems so perfectly fit into its environment.


There is so much diversity on campus, and everyone is so friendly, it's impossible not to make friends. I was so withdrawn and terrified when I first came to GVSU, and wanted nothing more to go home- it took two days for me to have a group of amazing friends, which only continued to grow. Any person with any type of personality can find somewhere they fit in: it's amazing.


The variety of classes offered. The variety allows the student to have a fulfilled college experience.


Everythings new/renevated. The only thing that isn't is some older dorms (not really all that old) that they're getting rid of in 2010. Everything is good looking.


Diversity. The school gives you the opportunity to dabble in all sorts of classes, regardless of your major.


The campus is perfect. It is not to small, but you still recognize people. The class size is perfect, and the professors take the time to get to know each and everyone of their students.


I love the diversity and the kindness of people on campus. There are also many opportunities for your career and areas of study.


My Education


The location of the school is excellent. Also, they have more than one campus so it is convenient when choosing classes.


The oppertunities that are available. You can do whatever you want on campus, and if we dont have it, there are people that are willing to help you bring it to our campus. whether it be a new program, a new degree, or a new organization.


I like how new and modern the school tends to be. There are lots of easy-to-use resources, and the buildings are all pretty new and in good shape.


Grand Valley is currently growing, most of the buildings are new or being redone. The campus is absolutely beautiful.


THe size of the campus and how friendly everyond is,


Grand Valley is an amazing school with a lot of very good programs. We have lots of school spirit and it is a beautiful campus.


The learning environment at Grand Valley is excellent. Each student is intelligent, concerned, and dedicated to doing well in school. I think it is a big change from high school because students are attending college because of a desire to be there and succeed. The professors treat students as equals and make learning enjoyable and interesting. I have never felt uncomfortable or unsafe at Grand Valley. Overall, my first year as a GVSU student was amazing.