Grand Valley State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The size of classes, usually 30-35 students to a professor. It is also always a professor teaching, not an aid.


I love that Grand Valley is a liberal arts school. And requires you to take classes that you wouldn't typically be required to take at an average college to make their students education well-rounded.


The massive growth the school is seeing.


I consider the athletic facilities to be the best part about Grand Valley. This is simply because I am there quite often and without it, I would have very little to do outside of school work that doesn't cost money. Everything around here seems to cost money especially because there is nothing within walking distance. You have to drive everywhere because the bus doesn't run to the mall in Grandville for free, nor does it go to the bars/clubs downtown.


There is are lots of on campus activities and the classrooms are often great learning environments.


I think that the class size and interactions with professors is one of the best aspects of Grand Valley. I have not had a class here with more than thirty students, all of my professors have known my name, and I have had the opportunity to develop close relationships with my classmates. The classes are big enough to encourage interesting discussion, but small enough to feel completely secure. Also, the professors are generally dynamic and engaging, and they make themselves quite accessible to students.


Small classes. Unless it's a lecture class usually the classes are capped at 35.


The best thing about my school is the location. It is in a small rural area, which ensures that we will be very safe. The second biggest city in Michigan, Grand Rapids, is just 20 minutes away, so there is still the big city feeling. Grand Valley State University is also only about an hour and a half away from my house, so I can go home if I want to.


The best thing about GVSU is the environment. I would describe it as a comfortable, inviting and warm little community in which everyone tends to look on the bright side. It is a place that will make you feel at home as soon as you get there, and should you leave; you will just want to go back.


My professors are alwaya available to help. They are there for ideas, discussion, or whatever I need to speak wit them about. My experience with ninety-five percent of the faculty has been great. They are friendly and outgoing.


The amount of help you have from others


The fact that is's big enough that I don't see everyone I know every day. In the same way it is also nice that I still see people that I know often enough that i don't feel completely alone.


Good size, good profs.


I absolutely love the atmosphere of this campus. If you are goal orientented and determined to suceed, there are people to help you all along the way. You can push yourself in your classes with more than helpful proffessors. There are 250+ organizations to get involved in from scrapbooking to student senate. All the sporting events are free to into for students which brings some self pride by attending the games that Grand Valley absolutely rocks at. Even the attitude of fellow students keeps you focused because they are just as determined to succeed as you are.


A very open and diverse campus filled with learning and life-focused students.


The passionate faculty and staff of GVSU have left a significant impression on my experience so far. I?ll never forget the professor who took the time to help me develop a resume, the management teacher who told me I had a true knack for finance, or the art teacher who took the time to tell me he enjoyed having me in class. Then there is the staff who made an impact in my extra-curricular life: a professor who helped me become involved with the law society and instructor who encouraged me to form a Relay for Life team.


My school's layout is one of the better one's I've seen in the state. It's very open with lots of green seperating most of the buildings. The upper and lower classmen's areas are also nicely divided. The upper classmen living areas are also fantastic; the way its laid gives it a real sense of community, making friends with other students was really easy!


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere of the campus because it reminds me of home, but at the same time it is different and new.


I like the size, the people, the atmosphere.


The majority of people are there to learn.