Grand View University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for it's nursing program. While providing a good foundation of basic principles and clinical experience, there is also a large emphasis on the caring aspect of nursing and how we can become caring, friendly nurses, able to show they care and provide culturally sensitive care without becoming calloused and gruff. Learning how to provide emotional support is vital because when a person sufferes, they suffer in all aspects of their being. We are taught how to care for and relate to the family of the patient, knowing they are an extention of the patient.


We are best known for getting out into the comunity. Whether is be students volunteeing from nursing, or visiting highschoolers and teching them what they should be looking for, to the visit days or multicultural days., and what living in Des Moines has helped our school so much with is helping us achieve 100 percent job inturns while in college and job placement.