Grand View University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Grand View University know before they start?


If I could go back in time when I was a senior, I would have focus more on completing college and start my nursing career.


I would tell myself to keep on doing me! So far, I haven't experienced anything in college that I heavily regret. The only minor adjustment I would say to myself is to take more classes my fall semester. I had tons of freetime in the fall and now in the spring I barely have any freetime. Add another class to my fall semester of college so transitioning between fall and spring won't be so bad. I would also tell myself another minor thing, work hard in the weight room! You're a student athlete and you're blessed to be playing volleyball at a school that has the number one team in the nation! Don't cheat yourself or your teammates by going in the weight room and going through the motions. Take lifting seriously because it will make you feel better about yourself and make you a better volleyball player.


I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible so that I wouldn’t have to take out loans and accumulate debt. I would also tell myself to take advanced classes during my senior year to prepare myself for the transition into college courses. I would have encouraged myself to start taking MCAT prep courses so that I was prepared to take the standardized test needed for entry into medical school. I would tell myself to be more involved in campus life including clubs and sports. It would have kept me healthy and developed a social life with students at the school. The last advice I would give myself is to take each day and tackle each semester one day at a time and to start studying for test as soon as the material is given to you. If you take college a day at a time you won’t get so overwhelmed and if you study as the material comes, you will not have to cram the night before tests. As a result, you will be more successful on tests and more successful as a college student.


If I could go back to my high school self planning for college, there would be a few things I'd tell my self. The first thing, APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIP! At the time I didn't really understand how much college was going to total to at the end or what the payments would be. What interest was. In my mind, I was thinking I could just worry about it when I got older. Well I am older now and its hard to pay for. I also would tell myself to make payments on my loans so I wouldn't owe as much. The second biggest thing would have been to experience the college life more. I was too worried about working. I would have been more active in college to have those memories and experience. Maybe not live on campus. But go to events, join clubs, try for a soriety, make friend. Be a college student and only work part time to have cash. Life can wait. Enjoy college while you can. You only can experience those first four years once in your life. Working is the rest of your life.


If I went back in time and talked to myself about college I would say, STOP WORRYING. I know college is a new experience, but it is exciting and there is nothing to worry about. I would also tell myself to get familiar with the campus and get to know your roommate before time. I would definitely tell everyone to live on campus. It is very important to get the whole college experience!


After completing my first degree I realized that my passion was not in Culinary Arts, but instead it was in education. Since enrolling in Grand View University I have learned what it is to be passionate about something and how to share that passion with others. Both my instructors and my classmates strive to their best in each of their roles. Before enrolling here I was simply concerned with passing the classes that I was in. GPA was not something that meant much to me. Now that I am at Grand View that idea has completely turned around for me. I have put my best foot forward and after four semesters have been able to achieve a 3.906 GPA, something I never imagined could be a possibility.


Being a senior in highschool I thought I had it made. Being a senior I was on top and nothing could stand in my way of having and unforgettable year. Yes, it was and unforgettable year because of drama and personal issues that came into my life. At one point I didn't care and I thought I could coast by because I had already been accepted to college of my choice. Coasting by was the exact opposite of me because I always did what I was told. I wanted to make a statement so I began to rebel and started acting out. College is always viewed as having the time of your life and being away from your parents. I would probably tell myself that highschool isn't forever and being liked isn't the only thing that matters. Just because I was popular in highschool doesn't mean that its going to be the same in college. You know the saying me, myself and I? Well that's all you've got when you first get to college. Its a new beginning and its up to you to live life to the fullest.


If I could go back in time to give myself some advice about going to college, the biggest thing would probably to be VERY open-minded. I never considered myself "stuck in my ways" but after being thrown into a mix of so many different people and different experiences I think I could have done better with my reactions. College is about "the new." Everyone has their own opinions which differ drastically, and they all have their own story. I would tell myself to just relax, go with the flow, and let these new people and their stories help shape you. Being afraid of the change is only going to hurt you. Embrace what seems strange or odd, try all the possibilities, and forget the thoughts of embarrassment. If you do embarrass yourself, you can atleast laugh about it later. You won't have this experience for long so you need to live it up. Some day, you will thank me.


Were I given the chance to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior. The number one thing I would tell myself is "Organize yourself and your time. Be disciplined, and when you have the chance to work ahead or get an assignment turned in early, Do It!" It has taken me a while to learn that, but you never know what will happen last minute and having an assignment or homework done ahead of time will help you out so much. This way, you CAN go out for dinner with friends even though your final project is due tomorrow, because you have it finished. This was of huge benifit to me this last semester when I got sick the week before finals. It was bad enough I had to go to the hospital and get a heart monitor. Fortunately I had turned in my Psycology Portfolio in three days early and I did not have that burden on my mind. When you are a full time student and work a job, your time is valuable and the sooner you realize that and are able to manage it well, the sooner you will be successfull in school.


Hello Kendra, this is you at 33. Do not attempt college right now, you?re not ready! I know you think a path is laid for you, but you are the maker of your own path. If you try and go to school now, you will spend the next 10 years lamenting the failed attempts at college, instead of treasuring the wonderful memories and times you have. Do not let this be a black mark on your heart. Instead let this dream go for now and pick it back up once you have gained self confidence, control, and the true desire to finish college. Travel around the world; learn through living life than take that back to school. Use the tools you obtained in the real world to absorb the formal education later in life. Life should not be about regret, and your life was never a laid out path with obstacles. Life is a journey with good and bad experiences. In truth though, 18 year old will learn all of this the way I had to, as I still have much to learn myself. Good Luck!