Grand View University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Grand View is that it's a liberal arts school so you might have to take a few classes you would never actually take for your major. Some people consider these classes a waste of their time but sometimes the classes could be fun. Core classes like religion, arts, english, math, sciences and humanities have to be taken by everyone no matter what major.


Taking classes at night mainly, I didn't feel that I had an advisor to help me thru the processes. That I was on my own a lot of the time.


There is very little diversity. I often find myself to be the only person of color in my class.


the housing situations and getting enough finacial asstiances.


The most frusterating thing about Grand View for me is that our school is on the small side. This is great in ways it allows us to do anything we would possibly want to, but then it also for stress on our time management skillls. Many people on our campus are involved in way more things then an average college. So overschedualing is the most frusterating part of Grand View.


Personally, I get most frustrated with my school work because I am taking challenging courses that require a lot of work. I am still glad that I have chosen to take these courses though. I do not think that there is anything about the school in general that frustrates me.


The most frusturating thing about attending grand view is the fact that we don't have wireless! It's hard to be hooked up to an ethernet cord when you want to go to the living room and work on homework. The next thing that's really frusterating is the food. Our pizza oven is always broken, we can't serve ourselves our own food, and they always serve the same things. On top of that we have points for meal plans and we dont have the chance to use them anymore and they don't roll over.