Great Basin College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I would recomend this school to anyone and everyone. Whether you are just taking your basics and moving to a university or you just want to get your degree at a fair price, GBC is an amazing choice. This college resides in the middle of a mining community so many of their classes are geared twoards trades that are applicable to that type of work however there is also an excelent nursing program as well as vairous social services, computer tech and buisness classes.


Great Basin College is an exceptional place to get your education. Returning students as well as those innitiating their college career will benefit from the class sizes and the student-professor ratio with the benefit of recieving an education at community college rates. The professors as well as staff genuenly want their students to succeed both academically as well as in life.


Someone that should attend this school is someone that does not have a major picked out so they are just taking general classes or someone that wants to be a tech student in the diesel, welding, electrical, and mill right programs.