Great Basin College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I would not recommed this college for someone who believes that the more expensive college is, the better the schooling. GBC offers education at an amazing price however some see this as a sign that the education is useless and wil be delivered in a poor manner. Also, GBC is not located in or near a big city so if someone is looking for city life this is not the place for them.


The type of student who would not like Great Basin College are those who expect college to be more about social events, other than a step stone for your future. The student life here doesn't revolve around football teams or keg parties but it is centered around fun and helping the "unconventional" student become an exceptional graduate.


Great Basin college is a very small college. If someone is going to college to get "the college experience" Great Basin would not be a good choice. A lot of adults go to college here, and a lot of college aged students from Elko also. They already have their friends or familys. So if you are really outgoing and looking forward to meeting lots of new people, and want to get the "college experience" Great Basin is not the correct choice.


I would say, for a start, anyone who has trouble with online coursework or IAV classes probably shouldn't enter into this college. Also, if a person is not willing to do the work prescribed by the professors, then they shouldn't come here - the professors would probably help, but they aren't going to just go easy on you.


Any person can attend this school. GBC is made and designed for every person willing to get an education.