Great Basin College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Great Basin College has to be how in-expensive it is and how fast it is growing. A lot of people can afford it and spend a little time deciding what they want to major in. The growth is good because programs are expanding and more and more classes are being added every year. It provides for a good starting point for college students.


It is affordable and I can get my Associates of Science degree and transfer it to the Univerity of Nevada. The transferable degree makes the prospect of going into pre-medicine more affordable.


The small close like community. It's easy to fit in and not feel like an outsider. The small class sizes are also great, you get a better relationship with your professor , so they know your personality and not just your grades.


The school is a small school that allows for a lot of one on one with the instructors. It is a really good place to start out.