Green Mountain College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


This is the only college I’ve visited that has a Sustainability Office, in addition to strong composting, recycling, and up-cycling programs throughout the campus. The environmental focus of the college is one of its best attributes in my opinion, and students, staff, and faculty really care about making Green Mountain as green as possible. I love telling my friends that I get my clothes from the “Free Store,” which is part of our campus clothing recycling program, and I take pride in taking my dorm’s compost to the on-campus farm. Almost everyone's an environmentalist here.


When I talk to my friends about my school, I always end up coming back to the beautiful environment in and around the campus. There is a scenic little farm on campus where students have the opportunity to work. Also, the campus is within reach of many great hiking trails and mountain peaks, and the college itself owns a nature preserve nearby which is open for students to enjoy. As much as I enjoy the fun we have on campus, I it's nice to have a peaceful and serene place to go. Nothing beats the Vermont scenery.


The community is so acepting and open; you're never pressured to be anyone but yourself.

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