Green Mountain College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The administration claims to be transparent, but they do a lot behind the students' backs. They've made some very unpopular moves lately that nearly led to a riot on campus.


It's expensive! The professors are wonderful and you'll get a great education, but for the price the dorms should be a lot better quality and there should be a lot more social offerings.


If I had to write about the worst things at GMC, it would probably be the communication. Students here have a strong voice. There just isn't enough communication with higher authourity and students to keep them updated about progress on issues that directly involve them.


The best and worst thing about it is how small it is. Everyone knows you and by the second week you will know everyone. That can be an advantage or a disadvantage. In the winter time everyone gets in a rut and doesn't do much.

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