Greenfield Community College Top Questions

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I like that GCC is in a quiet area. It is also very visually attractive for a community college and has a great atmosphere. Everyone so far has been very friendly and helpful. It is also great that they serve local food in the cafeteria.


I did not consider other schools, this was the closest to my home. There was a large state school and I choose not to consider it because of the size(too big for me, like a small city).


The location and classes offered are what really led me to this college. It is a great school that both of my parents had attended and really is great with my work schedule. I am able to take weekend and night classes to further my education and am looking at finishing prerequisites here in order to transfer to another school to finish a dental hygiene degree/


Even though it's a community college there is a connection to everone. It is very small. There is a great tutoring program where students tutor students. It's completely free and yet the tutors are paid for their services.