Greensboro College Top Questions

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I really love their adult education program! It is the oldest adult ed program in North Carolina and they offer a variety of degrees and options for completing your degree. I will be attending two nights a week and that is considered full time. The staff is very helpful and interested in student success.


Don't come to this school. You will be sorry. And you will also be broke. The administration DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU or their job. This school is fucked up to say the least.


Greensboro College is very small (about 1500 students) and so there is a lot of individual attention given to the students which is not something you would get at a bigger school. The professors know who you are and are more willing to help you out. They also know what they are talking about and have done more than just teach in the classroom. A lot of them have been in the "real world" and know what the professionals are looking for in prospective students.


The arts at this school are the best in the state. The academics and sports suck.