Greensboro College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The same as above, plus G. C. has a beautiful campus and lots of student activities.


I don't tend to brag about my school to often, but when I do tell about the school I tend to lean towards the golf team. I play on the team now, so I tend to tell people about our team over other things. The past golf teams at our school have been very successful, so I like to tell about the program more than anything.


When my school comes up in a conversation with my girlfriends and I, I always emphasize to them how much my teachers care. My friends always tell me how their teachers ignore them, don?t give them the time of day, and just seem like they want them to be successful. My teachers are always there when I need to talk, they take time help me find tutors, and truly want me to be successful. The first step to becoming a successful person starts in the classroom and I am glad I found that at Greensboro College.


It is a small school and we see the same faces everywhere we go. The classes are small, which means we get more time with the professor and they know our names. We can see them in their hours they are not teaching to get extra help or whatever we may need. It's also close to downtown and there are plenty of things to do there.


I brag mostly about how the professors are very understanding.


How amazing our theatre program is and how close we all are. It is a small school so everyone knows everyone.