Greensboro College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best thing about GC is absolutely nothing. The town is kinda fun if your a hippie. If I could change some things about the college, I would fire all of the staff that work in the administration building. They are morally corrupt, and will steal your money, lie about it, and not even feel bad for doing it. Then they will spend a whole bunch of your stolen money in covering their asses. You are not allowed to live off campus starting next year, which sucks because those dorms are really old and really awful, but the food is even worse. There is no school pride because the administration has done an amazing job of beating us down finically, and then using the money for events no students participate in. The sports there are even more embarrassing, even the arts programs are getting pretty pathetic. No one at this school is on the students side... its pretty much like really expensive public high school. The system sucks, and overall, the students are pretty unhappy at GC and most of them transfer after their first year or two.