Greenville Technical College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Greenville Tech to me is a place to give people a chance to go to college and make their dreams come true.


My school is modern and citified, yet it's also very calm.


My college wants the students to succeed.


i really love this school


My school consists of a small environment where a student has a more one on one discussion with a professor to be heard and receive suggestions. It's a community college where many students seek an opportunity to be able to major in their respected careers. From a far glance you could easily ponder on how many students will actually succeed, but the that is not the question, it reaaly is how do they work one or two jobs while still mantaining a steady schedule. St. Petersburgh College is a caring and very useful tool to take advantage of.


You don' t have my school listed, I had to choose Greenville Tech because my school is Brown Mackie in downtown Greenville.


It is a bridge to other colleges.


A school dedicated to pushing students to their full academic ability while attending classes in a friendly, healthy, and culturally diverse environment.