Greenville Technical College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Greenville Technical college consist students from many different ages. Students are very friendly. Many of my classmates become my study buddies. Students are also very considerate of each other and we respect each other's beliefs and opinion.


My classmates are there to study and further their education.


A very wide range of people woking, school, all trying to better themself.


We are a mix of ages, races, sexes, family and marital status, with some just starting out and some making a career change, some still living at home and others working to help support their kids while in school, and although we have different goals for this career path all of us are intelligent and motivated, and interested in a career in helping others.


My classmates are a diverse group. I believe the youngest student is 20 and the oldest about 50. Most are women, however, there are about 7 men in my class. There is a wide variety of races, religions, and cultures also. Everyone is very helpful and offers insight to any students with questions.