Greenville Technical College Top Questions

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Greenville Tech is a small school that feels more like a community than a school full of strangers.


Greenville Technical College is unique in one specific way. They have multiple campuses throughout Greenville giving you a choice of which campus you would like to go to. This is convienent for students who don't exactly live close to the main campus. I have attended two of the I believe four campuses. One being only five minutes away from my house. The other being 25 minutes from my house.


The class schedules are very flexible. And the work load is not very hard for full time students like other colleges. This makes it easier for students to have other activities and jobs.


It's very diverse. People from tons of different cultures come together as a family at greenville tech. The faculty members are also exceptional. They love their job, the subject the teach, and most importantly they love their students. Greenville Tech is a home away from home.


It is cheaper than the other colleges in my area. Greenville Tech has a different campus which they have designed to have certain programs at each campus.


You have your own space, and you can come anytime you want.


This college provides an easy transfer program that will transfer to most university.