Greenville Technical College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


people who have a plan of what they want that don't care about school activities (there are virtually none. The ones that do exist end very early and usually last about 2 hours). The classes are cheap and the teachers are good and helpful. It's a good starting point if you know where you're going. I don't believe they can help you find your way.


First off let me say that I attend North Greenville University but it was not an option up there. People that are determined, love Christ, and have a mind set to complete whatever they start should attend North Greenville University. North Greenville University is about making a difference not just in our lives but in our areas of education. Someone that attends North Greenville must work hard and apply themselves to whatever study they want to complete. In order to make it through their four years they have to have will power even when it seems like its tough.


Any person who is willing to work hard and put forth the effort in to graduating, or even transfering to a bigger school.


A person who doesn't have a lot of money to afford college should go to Greenville Tech. I personally say that Greenville Tech is a great college.


Students who want to get your license quick, should go here.


Anyone who is strapped for cash, looking for a quick career, or wants to live at home and still go to school. It is a cheaper alternative to a university because you take the same classes at both places, but it costs a lot less at my school. Anyone who works full time or has a family could go to this school because they are so flexible with your schedule. Anyone who wants a second chance at getting on track to a career should go there.