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What should every freshman at Greenville Technical College know before they start?


Dear myself, It is currently 2015 and you are now a freshman in college. I am writting this letter to help ourselves overcome the information that I wish I knew as a high school student. You need to stay focued senior year and keep your head up. Do not quit soccer your senior year! Play! You can get a scholarship, Don't throw it all away. College is a life of chances so when you get here relize that you are already here so you mind as well go throw with a bang and relize that you just need to keep you priorities in order. Don't waste time; study, make good grades, and advance to the next level. I hope when we get here this information will help us. Yoursely, Whitney


As a high school student I saw college as a reason to move out and have parties every weekend. Now as an actual college student, I’ve learned so many things that I wish I could tell my high school self. The list of things is very long from classes to financial aid; however, I consider that choosing the best career path for you as the most important advice I could give to any high school student. This is because the primary reason to attend college is to obtain a career. I would advise my high school self to take a college skill class, explore what colleges have to offer and look for a career of interest. When searching information about a career take in consideration factors such as pay and job opportunities, but don’t let those be your top priorities. Assure that you choose a career that you enjoy and if you lose interest on the career you picked, don’t be afraid to change your career path. As a college student, it is very probable you’ll change majors at least once. Despite all the reasons there are to assist college, never forget the purpose of it.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self I would tell myself to stop worrying so much about trying to fit in and make friends and focus more on what my teachers were instucting in class. I would tell myself to take spanish more seriously because speaking more than one language would give me an edge in the work force. I would tell myself to take more notes and hold on to them to look back on and review even after the test. I would tell myself to study more even when I wanted to play outside after school. If I knew what I know now I wouldn't wasted so much time in high school. I wouldn't of let my family situation keep me from losing focus. It would of drove me harder at being successful.


To my eighteen year-old self: Don't worry about having to live with other people. It's not great, but if you get it over with now, you won't have to be living with roommates when you're twenty-five. It's okay that you want to go to a tech school instead of a four-year liberal arts university. No, Mom and Dad aren't happy about it. It's your future. It's you who will be paying back that mountain of debt. You know what else is okay? You're going to work for a couple of years before going to college. Things are going to get rough fast; be sure to save some money instead of just spending it. You'll thank me when you're not eating ramen noodles every day. Moving from the high school world to the real world and then into the college world isn't so bad. Being a student again is a little strange, but people are there to help you. Above all else, young me: Listen to your teachers, work hard. save money, and go forward with an open mind. It's a lot of fun.




I would go back and tell myself that the more you know the easier college can be. I would tell myself that college is not like highschool at all. College is much more demanding of you and you have to be focused and ready at all times. I would tell myself that the transition will be crazy at first but just keep calm you will get the hang of it. Just stay focused it looks hard in the beginning but it will come to your in due time. Stay in the mind frame of graduating and getting a good job. Just be ready for whatever college throws at you and make your parents proud girl you can do it.


Pondering about my last year of high school is very emotional being that it was just last year when i was walking up the stage to shake my Principal's hand and to calim my diploma that i longed waited for after four years. If i were to go back in time to give myself advice the first thoought is to tell myself to choose my classes wisely. To manage time better is a tip i would tell myself i would also mention college and life is something different from a high school life. One has to mature quickly to achieve what they're aiming for and that is the advice i would gladly have prepared for if ihad been told.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to study better. In college, work is a lot harder than it is in high school, and having the right tools and knowing how to study is key in passing a class. I would also tell myself that college is vitally important, and you have to make good decisions when it comes to which school to go to.


The advice that I would give myself was not to take my chance for granted. I would say apply yourself to every course and get your GPA where it needs to be, because money does not fall off of trees. Not only the aspect of money but being able to transition into higher level of education you need to learn what the instrutor teaches you. I would tell myself never to give up and keep faith in God but also know that you can do whatever you set your mind to. You have the power to make it happen and you also have the power to let it fall, which one will you choose? Take all life experiences and learn from them so you will not make the same mistakes and keep your eye on what is important not on boys. To sum most of this up I would say, "Stay in the books".


I have learned that a community college is a great and affordable way to earn undergraduate credits, but I also feel as if I miss out on part of the college experience. It has been valuable because it has given me the chance to take the necessary classes while saving money for the nursing school I will attend in the spring. I have learned good study habits, the importance of class attendance and self-discipline, along with honesty, responsibility and determination.