Grinnell College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I love the themed Harris parties! 80's is tons of fun, as are Lady Gaga and Fetish. Basically, if there's an excuse to make a costume, I'll be there.


Our school is best known for the high amount of workload students at Grinnell receive. Although the amout seems overwhelming for some at first, it serves as a great preparation for graduate schools. Many Grinnell alums feel more prepared and less overwhelmed by the workload at their graduate schools than their non-Grinnellian peers do BECAUSE OF of the amount of "practice" the Grinnell alums got. Hard work pays off at Grinnell College. Such is a promising fact.


In the academic world it is very well known for producing good graduate school students; in the student world it is known for its laid-back approach to student life and its liberal attitude.


Strong liberal arts education


Sending out critical students to help change the world.




Its incredible student body diversity