Grinnell College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


As both a football and baseball player, I am involved heavily with athletics on campus. Playing a sport at Grinnell is great. The bonds you make with teammates, the times you spend together, the facilities, the coaches, and the athletic administration are wonderful. As for football, a new excitment has currently emerged with the program with the arrival of new head coach Max Hawsey, which will hopefully turn around a program with a solid core of players, but one that has struggled recently in conference play. The baseball squad has been competitive in the South division of the Midwest Conference for the past few years and looks to continue to do so under head coach Tim Hollibaugh.


No fraternities and no sororities exist at Grinnell, but people typically party on the weekends at a building made just for that, the Harris center. If I am up around 2am on a Tuesday night, then I am doing homework. The best thing about Grinnell overall is the guest speakers Grinnell brings in. I have gone to talks given by John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, the founder of Teach for America, the last man on the moon, and the list goes on and on. I did a research paper on the Manson Impact structure for a geology course, and a year later, I went to a talk given by the author of all of the papers I cited on that topic! It has not been unusual for me to hold two jobs a semester, but those jobs have given me the opportunity to mentor introductory science classes (essentially be a professor's assistant during class and hold help sessions twice a week), which contribute to my teaching experience.