Grinnell College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Very Liberal. Diverse (Racially, not ideologically). Intellectual. Socially awkward.


The Grinnell stereotype is probably that all students are brilliant, radical, skinny jean-wearing, atheist vegans intent on deconstructing the gender binary.


That they don't sleep, are super high achievers, socially just, active members of campus/community horribly awkward, are stressed all the time, affluent, lots of mental health problems


Grinnell students are known to be intelligent and involved individuals. Even the athletes who come into the school are not here, firstly, to play sports. Instead they are here to learn in a small school environment, and happen to also play sports while they are here. Grinnell, also, has a reputation of harboring hippies. Environmentalism and Activism are both high are the Grinnell students agenda. Grinnellians are engaged in their campus environment and are often trying to make it better. This means getting involved in Student Government and committees that serve the campus community.


I pretty much believe that Grinnell defies stereotypes. Of course, the outside world sees us all as smart, nerdy, liberal, green (environmentally conscious) hard-working, and passionate, but I think there are so many other factors that are important to consider.


The most common stereotypes are that Grinnellians dont care about religion, their clothes, and how they look. They also study like crazy on the weekdays and get wasted like mad. Play hard and party harder.


When I first heard about Grinnell, I imagined a campus full of nerds, with little social life. I imagined formality, all the time, everywhere, permeating much of campus life.


The most prevalent ones would probably be that Grinnell students are all hippies, nerds, and that the entire campus does drugs/drinks a lot.


Everyone is nerdy. There are varying degrees of course, but almost everyone is really outgoing.


I'd say Grinnell tries to stay away from stereotypes. I guess there are somewhat stereotypes for which dorms people live in, such as South campus=hippies, East campus=sports...but honestly there is a huge mix of people attending Grinnell and very few are judgemental.


The students are "nerds." The students on South are artsy and the students on North are jocks.


Grinnell is known as the "granola" school, where the students worry less about fashion and personal hygiene and more about their academic and extra-curric work. We seem to be mostly liberal, activists, and very interested in personal expression and originality. Students are very friendly, open, and accepting.


I've heard us called a "hate free" campus and I've heard us called the "Harvard of the midwest." We're pretty diverse, and I've met a lot of different ethnicities who I will consider my friends for years to come.


White, Nerdy, Pretentious, Socially Awkward, Midwestern, Hippies.


Grinnell women are ugly, everybody's REALLY liberal


that they are kind of dorky, quirky, smart and engaged in their classes. that they work hard but that they play hard too.


That we are sketchy.


They study all the time, they are extremely liberal, and they are hippie/"granola"


that there are no cute girls, that classes are extremely difficult, that there is nothing to do in Grinnell, that Grinnell students are only braniacs and don't know how to have fun


About students: that they are nice, that they are a little awkward, that they are considerate.


There are a lot of hippies and hyper-liberal (Democrats), political activist students


LIBERAL! open-minded


Socially awkward. Nerdy. Streakers.


Gay, do school work all the time, nerds, very liberal.


If you are largely unfamiliar with Grinnell you might have heard that students at Grinnell get assigned a lot of homework. Or perhaps that students have a problem doing everything they want to because there is, in fact, too much to do on campus.


A stereotype about Grinnell is that everyone here is a brainiac, and that it's primarily a place for academics.


that we rok


Grinnell students are smart, motivated, and a little weird, although you can't really describe everyone in just a few words. There are lots of different types, and lots of people who don't fit into any of them. Many of us claim to have been unpopular in high school. The words "awkward" and "sketchy" come up a lot. In a good way.


pretentious, liberal, hippie, apathetic, unique, dirty, in a bubble from the outside world, suburbanites, vegans, good writers, alcoholic, marajuana-friendly, gay friendly, post-modern, long-winded, emo, dramatic, protesty, argumentative, shoeless, in the middle of the most beautiful place in the world, "no limits", high tuition, ugly campus center, clever, free-love, procrastinatory, intense


HIPPIES! Hard working, open-minded. awkward, diverse


We're all nerdy We're all try to be socially conscious We don't wear shoes We're free spirited We love Harris parties, random hookups, and costumes We're socially awkward


Grinnellians are brilliant, work hard and change the world.


That there are alot of gay people and that most people at grinnell have alot of money. That they are very smart as well.


That we are an ultra liberal kind of strange group of students. We are very smart and have to work very hard at Grinnell.


Students are stuck up, think they know everything and are hard to teach. Considered very socially awkward.


I think Grinnell students are typically stereotyped as being very liberal and hippies.


Hippies, extremist, geeks, unclean, anything goes, and very opinionated.


Grinnell students are usually stereotyped as hippies, burnouts, and die-hard liberals. Grinnell itself is thought of as a socially conscious, highly political institution full of left-wing idealists.


That we're weird.


They are smart hippies.


independent, liberal, open minded


grinnell is drug friendly, gay, radical, isolated, elite.


The students are a bunch of smart, rich, pot-smoking liberals. The campus is in the middle of nowhere.


Hippy, liberal


Hippies, nonmainstream, progressive, politically radical


Some stereotypes include: - Many people divide Grinnell students into two groups: the athletes and the hippies. - Grinnell students are super liberal - Grinnell students aren't always as social as other students from other school - Grinnell is academic - "work hard, party hard"


Grinnellians work hard and play hard. They also think about the bigger picture and making the world a better place.


They say jocks live on north campus, artsy types live on south campus, and the two don't ever mix. We work hard and party harder--the drinking never stops. We're all liberal hippies.


Some stereotypes: football players are jerks. Athletes are dumber compared to the rest of the student body.


When I first came here I thought that everyone would be ridiculously smart and artsy, and that the amount of homework would be extrememly overwhelming. Also, Grinnell has the reputation of being an extrememly relaxed campus where the students govern themselves.