Grinnell College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Highly motivated people of all sorts are welcome. Whatever your goals, you will find people ready to help you get where you want to go (even if you don't know at the beginning what your major is) as long as you take the initiative and make the first moves. People interested in multiple things, who could have gone to MIT but would also like to double-major in political science, for example, will also find a home. We have a lot of double-majors and the extracurriculars involve everyone who wants to participate.


Grinnellians are hardworking, dedicated, and balanced students. Grinnellians must be hardworking to complete and understand their subjects of study. Grinnellians must be dedicated to their work by going to their professors or peers for help if and when they need it. However, Grinnellians must also be balanced: they must know how to have a successful academic and social life. Grinnell College aims to build strong leaders: the qualities aforementioned are key to building such leadership. Those looking for a strong education and are willing to push yourself for it, while building close, lasting friendships, should apply to Grinnell College.


A very liberal minded and academically oriented individual should come to Grinnell College. They have to be ready to work hard and learn more than what they would normally expect.


crazies, who like to work hard, and are curious.


A creative, liberal-minded, progressive, person who enjoys long, philosophical conversations, crazy themed dance parties, and actually learning. A person who is willing to work hard but also knows how to have a good time. A person who is interested in making life-long friendships and is not interested in the sorority, frat scene. A person who is passionate about social justice and wants to be surrounded by others who are as well.


Someone artistic, fun-loving, driven, smart, creative, open-minded, who doesn't care about what they look like and what others think of them.


Someone who wants a lot of academic wiggle-room, someone who's concerned with the general state of things, someone who wants to be challenged, someone who is hopefully dedicated to social justice, someone who is looking for something different


You should definitely be organized and timely. You should be conservative/liberal. Either one is fine. Preferably a student of color, because Grinnell College is not really diverse.


Someone who is interested in controlling their learning, doesn't mind small towns or sometimes difficult winters, and can be fairly self-sufficient. Mental stability is also a plus.