Grinnell College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who do not do their work, or try in class should not come to this school. It is very challenging and if you do not attend class or do the homework, it is a high chance that you are not going to pass and get left behind. Also, people who are to into sports should not attend because although this school has sports, it is not as spirited and big on sports as any other college.


If you aren't interested in working really hard academically, or if you can't handle a very politically liberal atmosphere, a small town, or a small number of students, you probably don't belong here.


UT Arlington has an ethnic diverisity in its population. People with ethnocentric feelings will not be very comfortable because we have almost every varierty of ethnicity here on campus. Besides, people who are not open to new ideas and and challanges should not attend this college because it woud be hard for them to adjust in here as long as they will stick to their own thoughts and are not ready to adapt and change, for the better ofcourse.


Grinnell is very laid back, liberal, "modern hippie" intentional community. Someone who is showy, flashy, stiff, needs lots of attention, self-centered, self-serving, and does not like group work and collaboration should not attend Grinnell. Also, Grinnell is in a rural small town and the closest city is one hour away, so someone who needs a fast-paced environment and lots of people around, should not attend Grinnell.


Someone wanting a big school with frats and sororities.


Someone who wants greek life, someone not open to new ideas, someone who has difficulty taking responsibility for themselves, someone not willing to be part of a community, someone obsessed with image, someone who just wants to make a lot of money, someone who is not concerned with the social good


Extremely conservative, not willing to work hard for classes, someone who is not interested in the community aspect of a small campus, people not interested in participating in class


Someone who is self-motivated to do well academically, but not scared to have some setbacks.


This school would be really difficult for someone who expects they will blow off class and work. It would also not be very accepting of certain political perspectives, namely those that identify as right-wing.


The extremely liberal atmosphere at Grinnell might make a person of more conservative social or political background feel put on the defensive. If you can't live without a city, you would be doomed here. Finally, while there are alcohol-free social activities available, those who don't drink are in a significant minority and would probably not enjoy many of the typical diversions.