Grinnell College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The emphasis on learning core critical thinking/learning approaches which will be helpful regardless your career goal.


My two favorite things about this school are 1) small class/school size and 2) the fact that our school is a small, undergrad liberal-arts college. In a small class, you receive A LOT of attention from your professors. You will feel that at the end of the day, you have made a lifelong friend who will guide you through. The undergrad-only quality of Grinnell makes your relationship with your professor all the more better since you have more research opportunities. There are times when professors invite students to their houses just to relax and unwind.


Best thing about my school is the diversity of students on campus and the level of expertise of the professors. Students from all over the world and from different cultures come to share their experience with other students. The sharing of backgrounds makes everyone more understanding and knowledgable about differences between people in the world. Also the professors work in the field and are experts in their field of knowledge. They are also always there to help you directly with homework, projects, or off campus studying


The student body is filled with intelligent, creative, caring, and accepting people. Though the education I received was of tremendous value to me, the best part of my Grinnell experience was being in such close contact with such amazing people, who helped me to better understand and accept myself.


support and proximity


The people.


The academics are taken seriously and class sizes are small. I feel supported by my peers, professors, and advisors in pursuing my goals. Socially, the school is very relaxed and I nearly never feel pressure to participate in an activity that makes me uncomfortable.