Grossmont College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I would describe my classmates as fun and great to work with.


Students who are working hard towards a degree or transfer opportunity.


My classmates are content with being in a communitry college; unlike me.


The classmates I see on a day to day basis are all in school for a variety of reasons, with one common goal, to better them selves. With this common goal, my classmates aren't just fellow students, they are also life lines. They are different people of different backgrounds and opinions that are willing to lend a hand when help is needed. When all of this support is coming from such diverse sources, creativity is achieved, which makes education was it should be.


Very laid back, open minded, and unaware of real issues.


My classmates are different each semester, and each course... but somehow I always find someone as motivated, intelligent, and determined as I am; and learning infinitely more fun with them than it could ever be without them.


My calssmates are unique from one another, each one has different goals and dreams but we are all working together to better our lives.

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