Grossmont College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Grossmont College is best known for their diversity and catering to all kinds of people. At Grossmont we have a lot of foreign exchange students and students with different backgrounds. It makes it a unique experience attending Grossmont.


My school is great or students who want to get there GED out of the way and not pnd a ridiculous amount of money. I am getting to get my GED out of the way before i go to a 4 year university.


Grossmont College is known for being one of the top 100 associate degree granting community college in the nation. At Grossmont you can accumulate the required credits needed to transfer to a university which is why they are known for their tremendous record of sending young men to the university level. It's a great place for a second chance if you were overlooked in high school. Grossmont has a reputation for its high qauality instruction and many cultural contributions to the community.


Grossmont College is best known for it's unique tight knit community. Not only is it diverse, but it offers plenty of programs to help the community in returning to education. From recent highschool graduate's to former parents, Grossmont is the school for you. Small, quaint, available and cute - Grossmont College is the school for me.


Grossmont College has an amazing nursing program. Also they do offer a wide array of classes if you are undecided and want to search around.

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