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Grossmont offers a large amount of classes that are flexible and meet the students needs including online and evening classes.


This school is unique because of the relationship it has with it's sister college, Cuyamaca College. You can attend both schools in order to get your requirement for transfer or asscociates completed. I decided on these schools after listening to my sister, who attended both schools. I was also drawn t their TAG programs and detailed information about transferring to a 4-year university after 2 years at Grossmont.


What is unique about Grossmont College compared to other schools, such as a 4-year university, is that it is affordable. Also, I am able to get the same education at Grossmont College without the expensive cost. Grossmont College allows me to complete two years of education that I would get at a 4-year university and allow me to transfer to a 4-year university to finish my last two years of schooling. I save over 50% in tuition cost compared to going to a 4-year university right after high school.


Grossmont College is unique to me in many ways: First of all it is in a beautiful rural setting. The campus is surrounded by alot of pine trees and plants that are native to San Diego. One feels like one is out in nature when walking across campus. There is a diverse selection of course offerings to choose from . The Instructors that I have had the pleasure of getting to know are truly great professionals, and seem to really have a passion for teaching. An added bonus for me is that Grossmont College has a Cardiovascular Technician Program !

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