Grossmont College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


There are many scholarships offered and I have applied to some just in hopes of being granted that money. They offer scholarships and they offer great counseling help.


When I tell others about my school, I brag mostly about the amazing professors I have had the opportunity to be taught by. I am always giving teacher recommendations to others who attend my school.

Anna Ruth

On the flip side, community college has helped me tremendously in lowering the shock factor of transitioning from high school to college. Now, when I do transfer to university in the Spring, there is very little, if any, qualms left into making the best out of my learning experience. I am more determined to graduate and the best thing is, I am HALF less of how ever much I could have been in debt if I went to university right away.


I have always encouraged my friends to attend Grossmont College because of its afforability and career orientation. Many times after graduating from high school students are not entirely sure of where to begin or take their higher education, at Grossmont, you are able to discover your career interest without pressure or stress. There are classes dedicated to allow students to explore many professional fields in order to find the best match for their specific goal. In addition, tuition is fairly inexpensive, saving up to 10,000 dollars when compared to a four year university.


My School is well known for its VA resources. Since I am a verteran, most my friends are also veterens. The main point brought up when describing my school is how well the VA works with the students. To add, all the teachers I've had have extremely influenced me in different positive ways.


I tell my friends that I had the greatest mathematics instructor! She could make a child understand Algebra and laugh while doing it. I can also brag that I can ride a bike to school- if need be , and that it is a quiet, beautiful campus. A brand new Science building is almost finished being built so that will be exciting to enjoy . Grossmont College has a great learning environment!


I brag most about when I get good grades on a test or quiz, or when I get back an essay with a god grade, and that I am proud of going to college.

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