Grossmont College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Limited access to wifi throughout the campus! Some spots on campus, the wifi is awesome, an others, there's little or no connection.


Many times when I let people know I attend a community college and not a four year university, they tend to judge it as less worthy. It has never negatively phased my perception, because although I am not currently enrolled in a university, that is ultimately my next path. Grossmont College offers great opportunities of succeeding through it's university level preparation work-load and course curriculums. I personally believe beginning education at a community college promotes a higher success rate upon entering a four year university.


The worst thing about our school would have to be the parking. During peak hours of the week it can take up to an hour to find parking because there are not enough spots for how many people attend Grossmont.


The worst thing about my school is that there are way to many people in it this year. I believe this is due to budget cuts and the over-flow of people who could not get into CSUs come to community college. I barely got the classes I wanted this semester and I can not transfer next semester due to the full classes.


Grossmont College lacks the opportunity for campus involvement. Perhaps the reason it is because it is a commuter and two-year college. Nonetheless, the school gets boring if you are not entirely focused on your studies.

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