Grossmont College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


As for any community college, "lazy" and "stuck" are the first words that people who aren't in community college think. I could say that partially, that is true as there are many types of students even slackers everywhere. There's some that are just plain lazy, and there's others that get comfortable in community college and just wish to obtain an associates degree. The word stuck is frustrating to hear as no one really gets stuck, unless you do not try to pass your general ed, that's when it's difficult.


The stereotype I think is variety in its diversity in being able to have different types of people go to this college. This is accurate because there are people like me who are disabled but have the resources to get extra help in classes. There are people from other states, other countries, different races, and personal preferences. My classes always have varied types of people to encourage diversity and let anyone have a chance at an education. The right thing is to have diversity not because its required but because its morally right and more open minded about the world.

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