Grove City College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


"Rigourous academics. Authentically Christian. Amazing value." While it may be cliche to use our motto here, I feel that it encapsulates the spirit of Grove City. At the relatively modest price of $19,414/yr GCC offers an education that could hardly be improved. The on-campus environment really fosters academic and personal growth. The workload is indeed intensive, however the professors are always willing to help and a student passionate about learning should have no problem acquiring one of the best educations in the nation. On a side note, we are also renowned for our love of ultimate frisbee!


My school is best known for being an affordable private school. With many applicants, it has the ability to choose those who excelled the most during High School . Getting good grades are not easy but you get a quality education. It has a great Engineering Department.


The career placement services, rigor of classes, low acceptance rate, average athletic fitness level of students, participation in IM sports.


Engineering. And having 'best for value' education (it's relatively inexpensive, but still very prestigious).


Excellent academics, strong christian values


Strong academics, Christian perspective, Amazing professors, Great friends for life


Rigorous academics, Christian worldview


Hard academics and strict rules. GCC really focuses on learning lots of material and it's hard but we have a great reputation. And the rules are here for a reason but are easy to get around if you choose....


Challenging academics in a Christian atmosphere at an affordable price.


It's well known for it's academic rigor and for it commitment to keeping the cost low for students. It is a conservative college with loose affiliations to the Presbyterian church. Its students are friendly and there is much to do on campus.